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Homeworld:  Ultimare
Height:  7'3"
Average Lifespan:  55 Years
Earth Species Evolved From:  Equine

Acerir - Species Sheet

Physical Description[]

Members of the genus eqqus appear on many different planets
among the galaxy in many shapes and sizes.  One of the most
famous horse-like creatures in the Azure Wheel Ganaxy are the
Acerir of planet Ultimare, which have been ridden by the native
Ultimarians since before their recorded history.

The anatomy of this species is like that of a horse but
with thicker appendages, an elongated head, a mane
of bristley hair that resembles a mohawk, and a
long, flexible tail.

These animals share a reseblance to the much smaller
Tisutu of planet Auryss, which leads many to
qyestion if the two species are somehow related.
However, this has never been proven.

Strengths and Instincts[]

The Acerir are highly intelligent and can quickly
learn commands and body language and have a
highly developed ability to read emotion and
moods.  They can manage not only daily cognative
activities, but mental challenges as well.

Acerir are originally from the grassland areas from the Akrian sector of
Ultimare, but cansurvive in cliff regions as well since  their feet make them
surprisingly surefooted.

They are highly social animals that require interaction with others whether it be other Acerir or a sentient companion.  They have also been observed making emotional attachments to members of other animal species as well. They also follow what is referred  to as ‘herd mentality’ and can easily be influenced by members of their herd to adopt certain behaviors and habits.

In the wild, Acerir live in herds that include up to 60 members that are lead by an elder female.  While other members of the herd may have disagreements with their matriarch, they all respect her.

Roaming bachelor Acerir may travel alone or in small groups of up to five members.

Acerir communicate by making nickering noises similar to that of a horse or a bark similar to that of a zebra. 


They are primarily nectarvores.  An Acerir’s favorite food are the large yuuta flowers that dot the Ultimarian plains.
This nectar is easily sythesized, and they can also survive on plant
matter, so Acerir raised on other worlds have no problem getting the nourishment they need.

Acerir and Ultimarians[]

Acerir have been domesticated and ridden by Ultimarians since prehistoric times.

They quickly form bonds with their riders and
will often defend their riders with their own lives.
There are also stories of Acerir that die of a
broken heart shortly after the death of their
beloved rider.

This species is popular among other species
in the galaxy.  They are seen in most zoos
and circuses while stuffed Acerir are
popular toys among children in
the galaxy.

There are few species that will
eat the flesh of the Acerir.