Homeworld:  Yor-Alcona
Average Height:  6'8"
Life Expectancy:  95 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  n/a

Alconian - Species Model Sheet

Physical Appearance

Alconians are tall bipedal hominids with vaguely humanoid faces crowned by a large flat crest on the top of their heads. 

The base skin color of an Alconian depends on the region of their ancestors.  Those from the outback regions from where the species originated have bronze or medium brown skin.  Those from the cooler regions tend to have milky peaches-and-cream colored skin.

Although flat out racism among Alconians of different skin colors seems to be nonexistent in their modern society pale skinned Alconians tend to be ‘anemic looking’ to the rest of the Alconian population.

All of them have bright orange mottling on the face, crest, arms and back that is lined with black and white barring.

Eye color is always black.

Their bodies are long and slender with long, digitigrade legs and a super long tail that ends with a spaded tip.

Alconians and the Alliance

Alconians joined the galactic Alliance a few hundred years after its founding.  About the same time as the
events of Serpent Valley which prematurely elevated the Aurynn species to the stars as a space-faring race.
The two species have been close allies ever since and have been known to make political descisions
in tendem.

The Alconians always like to be active in the politics of the Alliance.  Alconian politicians are usually seen as
being some of the most honest and are generally well liked among the citizens of the galaxy.  While some
Alconian politicians have turned out to be utter scumbags, these few ‘bad eggs’ have not seemed to sour
the opinions of most individuals to this species.

The other species will employ Alconians as workers.  Alconian doctors in particular are highly prized on
planet Ultimare.  Some hospitals and clinics see having an Alconian on the team to be a status symbol.
(The Alconians are not too crazy about being seen as such)

During the Ultimarian-Othoth war, the Alconians became a hated species in the eyes of the Othians
because of their natural desire to help their Ultimarian allies whenever they could.  Some going as far as to
serve and soldiers, scouts and medics in the Imperial Navy.

It is very likely that if the Othoth had won the war, then they probably have immediately turned their
attention towards eliminating Yor-Alcona and the Alconians from the galaxy.

Alconian Society

Most Alconians have litle to no interest in personal glory and instead selflessly seek to better the galaxy and those who live in it.  They are naturally curious and thoughtful beings who seek the knowledge of the world around them.  While only slightly leaning towards the spiritual side of the universe, the Alconians still have deeply rooted religious and spiritual ties to their homeworld. They generally get along well with the other species of the Azure Wheel Galaxy and seek a peaceful coexistence with them, but seem to prefer the company of the like-minded Aurynn above all.

Alconians are best suited at professions that help others.  They make wonderful doctors, tech specialists, artists/musicians, farmers/ranchers or teachers.

Most shy away from combat, but a few more adventurous Alconians can make decent scouts or soldiers.  Smugglers and pirates are rare among this species.

Each passing generation is becoming more and more  influenced  by the Alliance and other alien species.  Alconian youth will dress, speak and act like members of other species.  Ultimarians and Cilodyl are the two most commonly emulated species.

While Alconian culture seems to be on its way out, the Alconians still keep their deep spiritual connection to their homeworld.

The Alconian homeworld, Yor-Alcona is a hostile world.  The planet’s ominous fire-opal colored sky looms
over the planet’s vast outback and savannah areas.  Much of the planet’s equator regions are covered in
a baren wasteland much like Korriban of the Star Wars universe.  However, there are life-giving areas on
the planet.  Woodland areas dot the landscapes of the planet’s cooler regions and the coastlines boast
impressive coral reefs.

Much of the planet’s wildlife are Lovecraftian inspired, aggressive creatures that won’t hesitate to eat the
face off of any sentient dumb enough to get too close.  Interestingly enough, while they show extreme
aggression towards offworlders, most creatures will not actively hunt the native Alconians and will generally
leave them alone unless the Alconian gets too close or initiates hostility first.  Nobody knows the reason for
this. Some speculate that it is because Alconians have such deep, spiritual ties with their homeworld that they
and other creatures can live in harmony together.  Others make up other theories like “after so many generations,
the animals are just so used to seeing the Alconian form”.

Regardless, It is strongly recommended that any non-Alconian visiting the planet does not venture into the
Yor-Alcona wilderness without an Alconian serving as a guide.

However, there are a few places on the planet that even the Alconians fear to tread.  Such as the great
northern deserts, which are home to the No’tharr, gigantic desert sandworms that will prey on almost
anything that moves.

Sex and Reproduction

Alconian courtship is very similar to human courtship.  While they can and do choose lifemates, many Alconian couples do not choose to have a formal marriage ceremony and there is a moderate divorce rate among those who do choose lifemates.

They give birth to live young that mature at the same rate that human babies do.


Alconians are completely omnivorous.  They can eat anything  that a human/ultimarian can eat.  However, they have natural cravings for foods that are spicy and sweet at the same time.

Names and Language

Because of the Alconian’s constant interactions with the other races, more Alconians
speak Galactic Common than their own native Alocoar language.  They just find it
to be more practical to learn and speak than their own language since it is understood
by more sentients in the Azure Wheel galaxy.   

Alocoar is quickly becoming a ‘dead language’.  Many modern Alconian parents
don’t even bother teaching it to their children, which leaves Alconians from older
generations fearing that their species’ ancient customs and traditions will be
forgotten all together.

The native Alconian language is best described as sounding like a mish-mash of
different Afroasiatic languages.  In particular, it sounds mostly like Swahili with
syllables similar to those found in the Hebrew and Kera languages mixed in.

Alconian parents are very versatile when it comes to naming their children.
They can give names from their own Alocoar language, Galactic Common, or
other alien languages.

Examples of Alocoar Names:
Ndama, Takubara, Kumiam, Metebin, Litsusu, Minisi, Isian

Rules for Alconian Characters

  • Natural Colored Alconians Only.
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