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Full Name: Amelith Na'saar
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 35 lbs


Age: 20 (at time of dissapearance)
Occupation: Trader/Miner

Amelith copy.jpg

Personal Appearance

Short of stature, though big on personality.

Standard red fox markings. Dark colored ear tips and "socks" on her hands and feet.
She also has a "mane" of long hair on the back of her neck. The mane hair has white tips.

She is often seen wearing black pants, a dark grey half shirt with a frowny face on it and a vest. She carries arround a blaster and a hunting knife for protection.


Amelith is an Ibirian, a race of intelligent, bipedal vulpines native to
the planet Iberius in the Azure Wheel Galaxy. Ibirians are remarkably short,
standing only 3 feet tall on average. Due to their size, other races will try
to pick on them. Because of this, Ibirians are tough and well capable
of defending themselves. Amelith is no exception... she is a very kind and sweet
individual as long as you treat her with respect. If you try to kill her or
steal her cargo, she won't hesitate to slit your throat!


Amelith was originally created for Hetherev, a challenge based art community on DeviantArt. However, she actually is "canon" with teh Azure Wheel universe. She was a miner and trader who disapeared during a battle with pirates in the Harlequin Nebula. Nobody knows her whereabouts...