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Homeworld: Kalgea
Average Height: 4'
Life Expectancy: 80 years
Species Status:


Earth Species Evolved From:


Species sheet for the Ani-Gathier.

Flightless avian sentients from the rainforest planet, Kalgea. Since this species has lost their ability to fly through natureal means, they are near obsessed with flying through mechanical means. The Ani-Gathier are known to be legendary pilots, mechanics and shipwrights.

Physical Appearance

The Ani-Gathier are four foot tall bipedal birds.

The face of an Ani-Gathier is almost raven-like withe a long beak and piercing eyes. They do, however, have small needle-like teeth in their beaks. Both genders have crests on the back of their heads, but they are larger and more impressive on males then females.

Male Ani-Gathier have bright blue-green plummage that fades to yellow or orange on the tips of their crest feathers while females are dull brown in color. Both genders have yellow eyes.

Their bodies are stout and muscular. They have five-fingered hands, tailfeathers and legs that become "birdlike" below the knee.

Their style of clothing is meant to be "steampunk meets futuristic".

Intelligence and Mental Health

Long gone is the ability to fly that their ancestors had.

The Ani-Gather long for the freedom of flight. Since they lack the biological wings needed to fly, they make it up with flight through mechanical means. This species is regarded as being the best mechanics and pilots in the galaxy. They are naturals when it comes to repairing starships.

Needless to say, they are highly intelligent and very mechanical minded.

They tend to have very happy-go-lucky personalities. It takes a fair amount of verbal abuse to get an Ani-Gathier mad at you. When they do get mad, however, they can be very spiteful and will look for ways to get their revenge.

Sex and Reproduction

Ani-Gathier courtship is very similar to that of humans. They tend to choose lifemates, but there is a high divorce rate amongst the species. "Marriage" is not a requirement of reproduction or sex.

Sexual activity among the Ani-Gathier species is also very similar to that of human beings. They will have sex for pleasure, have "one-night spands", or choose to wait until they are married or bonded.

When a female is impregnated, an egg will develop inside of her for about two months. When the egg is layed, it is about the size of an ostrich egg. Usually there is only one egg at a time. Twin or triplet eggs are rare.

Before the rise of technology, egglaying could be very dangerous for a female Ani-Gathier. There were a high number of deaths that occured during childbirth.

Both parents watch over the egg for about five months until the egg is ready to hatch. The newborn chick has no feathers and its eyes are sealed shut. After a few weeks, they will start growing pin feathers and baby fluff.

A baby Ani-Gathier can walk and talk within a year.


Like their hoatzin ancestors, Ani-Gathier are mostly herbivorous. They prefer fruits and veggies over all other types of food.

They can eat meat, but don't prefer it and have a harder time digesting it then an omnivore or carnivore. All Ani-Gathier are lactose intolerant and require ingesting medicine in order to digest dairy products.

Ani-Gathier and The Lifestream

Ani-Gathier tend to be more technologically minded then the other races, so the Ani-Gathier don't tend to have the strong connection to theLifestream that the other races can have.

Ani-Gathier that can connect to the Lifestream do exist, but they are uncommon. They cannot gain any special powers like the other races can, with the possible exception of natural empathy towards sentients or animals.

Names and Nicknames

Ani-Gathier names are often harsh sounding and have MesoAmerican pronunciations. Any "X" in a sname is pronounced with a hard "ch" sound while double Ls (ll) are pronounced as a y.

Examples: Xohor, Riyexi, Cijas, Tilloped, Sujasos

Ani-Gathier are very fond of nicknames and each individual will often have two or more nicknames. Said nicknames are usually based off of tech or natural words.

Examples: Turbine, Monarch, Vixen, Turbo