Full Name: Aredon Bredrit
Height: 7'
Weight: 349 lbs
Species: Ultimarian
Age: 28
Occupation: General of the Imperial Navy and leader of the Imperial Suns

Physical Appearance:

Aredon himself stands exactly seven feet tall and weighs almost 400 pounds, which makes him a monstrous height/build even for his species. His body weight is almost strictly muscle. And yes, he is extremely ripped… but not overly veiny

and gross like those Mr. Universe guys. He spends quite a bit of time in the gym to keep himself in shape.
His neck is thick and curves outwards to form the bulge of his trapezoids. His torso is chiseled and well developed with well formed pecs and a six pack (the last set of ab muscles do start to show through a little, so he almost has an eight pack). His arms are just as well muscled (They’d be about as thick as my waist… scary…). Big hands.
Legs are a little on the short side and are a little less muscled then his upper body but still pretty big.
His face is handsome, broad and has a slightly square

jaw line. His nose has a slight arch to it.
His facial hair is a moustache/goatee combination that encircles his mouth. He always keeps it neatly groomed… though on rare occasions I will draw him with a little bit of stubble on the his jaw line.
On his upper body, body hair is minimal. No hair on his chest/back/armpits whatsoever! There is a thin amount of hair on his forearms.

He has a tattoo of a winged dragon coiled around a set of stylized wings that takes up his entire back. His older brother, Kyjja designed it for him.
Overall, he is meant to be very powerful looking but carries himself with dignity.


Aredon's character sheet.


Think fashions from the TV show, Firefly.
His clothing should be practical and easy to move around in. You’d never catch him wearing bright, flashy colors or skin-tight clothing. When he is “on duty” I will dress him in clothing that somewhat resembles military attire. More specifically… a tank top, drab colored pants, and a pair of heavy leather boots. I will often draw a bandolier that drapes over one shoulder. That bandolier would be used to strap his carbine to his back when it’s not in use.
His “civilian” clothing would usually consist of jeans and a t-shirt. Possibly a pair of sandals and a watch. His t-shirt could have a design on it such as a tribal dragon or something. He is particularly fond of blues, earthy browns, or grey tones.
Whatever he wears, it should show off his arms… which is why I rarely dress him in jackets or other shirts with long sleeves. Though if he’s piloting his ship, he will often wear a black leather “pilot” jacket to keep warm. Ultimarians are wimps when it comes to being cold.


When somebody new looks at Aredon, they often automatically assume that he is a big, dumb oaf that is all muscle and no brain. That is definitely not the case. He actually has an above average intelligence (not rocket scientist material, but pretty damn smart) and is very thoughtful. He can control his anger very well most of the time, but sometimes if he is pushed too far, he will have sudden bursts of rage that will shock everyone around him.
He truly is a gentle giant. He is extremely friendly, easygoing and laid-back in casual situations. He loves to laugh and have a good time but is fiercely loyal to his friends and platoon members to the point where he would lay down his own life in a heartbeat for them. His older brother, Kyjja and girlfriend, Alora are the two most important people in his life.
If the situation calls for it, he can immediately become serious and focused, which makes him a natural leader. His body has been conditioned to the point where he can completely ignore pain if he needs to.
He is a notoriously big eater. A combination of the uber-high metabolism common in his species and his massive body size will quickly drain him of his energy if he goes for long periods of time without eating. And he will grow very weak very fast. Quite obviously, he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy and usually won’t touch “rabbit food”. Ice cream is a favorite food of his.


Born the son of a great war hero, Aredon grew up in a prestigious military family. Since his elder brother, Kyjja wanted to be a trader and wanted nothing to do with the military lifestyle, Aredon wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps so he could carry on the family legacy. As soon as he became of age, Aredon joined the Ultimarian Starship Navy. At that point in time, the great Ultimarian-Othoth war had already been going on for about eight years and Seriss Zemothe, the king of Ultimare had already sent his four children to different planets in different quarters of the galaxy for safe keeping.
Shortly after boot camp, Aredon’s was assigned to an elite squadron. His commanding officer, Naing Ewren began to see potential in the new recruit and took him under his wing to train him personally. Aredon quickly became his right hand man. Three years later, Naing was killed in battle, leaving Aredon in charge of his platoon. He was 21 years old at the time.
Kinperdel Thorpe, the oldest member of the platoon had already grown battle weary and tired from his many years of service. The fact that a young kid who did not have the experience and knowledge necessary properly to lead a military group had become leader instead of himself was the final blow. Thorpe began to look for any way possible to betray Aredon.
A year later, he got his chance. Ared and Kyjja had secretly been working out a trade route that would allow massive deliveries of supplies and medicine under the nose of the Othoth military. The Othoth were desperately trying to get their hands on that information, so Thorpe captured Aredon and handed him over to the Othoth to be interrogated in exchange for a substantial amount of money. Ared survived days of torture without telling them a thing. Frustrated, the Othoth kidnapped his brother, Kyjja, as “incentive” for Ared to talk. It worked. Upon watching his brother being tortured, Aredon cracked and told them everything. Being of no further use to them, the Othoth sent Ared away to be executed.
While awaiting his death, the Othoth starship that he was on was boarded and raided by a group of soldiers lead by Himnare Zemothe, one of the last two surviving members of the royal family (the other surviving member being Tetra, the youngest son… but that‘s another story completely). The return of Himnare signaled the end of the war.
Grateful for saving his life and the life of his brother, Ared pledged the service of his platoon to Himnare. Now, six years after the war has ended, Ared leads a small group of elite soldiers directly under Himnare’s command, the Impirial Suns.


Aredon is an excellent fighter on the ground. His preferred weapon is his carbine, but like all soldiers, he has also received training in hand to hand combat. However, his true abilities are in his fighter pilot skills. He is an ace pilot.

Relationships with Other Characters...


His most hated person is Rahst Blacksun, the spoiled, selfish son of the CEO of the trading company that his brother, Kyjja works for and the leader of a rival platoon. Aredon not only hates him… he utterly LOATHES him because he knows that Rahst only got to where he is by lying, cheating, and bribing his was up the military ranks.


His older brother. After his parents died, the only family that they have left is each brother. He would do anything for his big brother.


His girlfriend and the love of his life. He met her through his brother as she is also a trader by profession.

Trent, Shae and Dom

Aredon's three best friends. They pretty much act like brothers.