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Homeworld:  Mindirra
Average Height:  Less than 1 foot tall
Life Expectancy: 30 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Quaker Parrot

Asiahkilhi - Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

Asiahkilhi resembles the quaker parrot species of earth, albeit slightly larger.   They stand a little over a foot in height but seem to get a little larger with each passing generation.

Their bodies are covered in brilliant green feathers with grey on the face and chest.  The chest has a scalloped pattern in light and dark grey and their flight feathers are a deep blue color.  Color variations do exist, such as white, powder blue and bright yellow.  However, these individuals do not survive very long since they do not have proper camoflauge.

Their wings have three clawed fingers to hold and manipulate objects.

Asiahkilhi Society

At first glance, Asiahkilhi society appears to be very loose.  However, they have social structures that holds their society together. They are highly intelligent and social creatures that live in communities that are 50-300 individuals strong.  While the colonies to have their disputes, flat-out war between them seems to be a foreign concept to them as they prefer to work together to acheive common goals and survive the harsh rainforest that they live in.  Any bit of 'new' technology is shared among tribes to help benefit the good of the species.

They do have knowledge of fire, but use it with extreme caution.  One careless move can engulf an entire forest in flames.

However, they are aggressive towards other species.  Especially those that are unfamiliar to them.  The first explorers to their rainforest homes reported being attacked by large flocks of Asiahkilhi warriors.

They live in stone buildings made from twigs and leaves, but they will build temples and community structures out of stone.  These structures resemble Aztec pyramids.

They do not wear much clothing, but will decorate themselves with feathers and gold jewelry.

Sex and Reproduction

Asiahkilhi mate for life.  Females will lay a clutch of 3-4 eggs several times in her life although only half will survive to adulthood. 

Both parents will look after the eggs and children.


Asiahkilhi are mostly granivores, prefering to eat nuts and seeds.  They also love sweet fruit.

However, they can and will eat most foods that are presented to them.

Asiahkilhi and the Lifestream

Like most unevolved races, the Asiahkilhi lean more towards the spiritual side of the galaxy.  Whether this will be true in the future still remains to be seen.  For now, they are a deeply religious and spiritual species.

They worship the sun god, Kree. 

Names and Language

Their language sounds like noisy chattering and squawking to other species.  However, given that they have evolved from psitticines, it is very likely that they can learn other languages if the need ever came up.

Their names have the same sounds as their chatter.

Examples of names:

Ree, Ken-Ken Nenuk, Keeko

Special Rules for Asiahkilhi characters

  • Asiahkilhi are an 'unevolved' species, which means that they have not yet evolved knowledge of space travel and by law, the spacefaring races leave them alone. They have no chance of going into space or interacting with the other races unless it is being done illegally.  If they come across a member of another species, Asiahkilhi will attack them on site.
  • They can be any color mutation that a quaker parrot can be.  However, I will advise not to create a Asiahkilhi character of a color besides their natural greens.  Oddly colored Asiahkilhi would likely not surive long since they do not have proper camoflauge in their environment.  Also, the other members of the species would have superstitions surrounding individuals of unusual colors and will likely not be very kind to them.
  • This species only lives in the Tarulian Rainforests of their homeworld since they have not yet gained the technology to travel to other places on their homeworld.