Sector: Farway Kahan
Star System: Saa
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients: Zhaocian

AssariMap copy

Planetary Map of Assari

Assari is the second planet in the Saa system. It is the home of the Zhaocians, a peaceful race evolved from red pandas.

Places/Things of Note

  • Assari has some of the highest mountains in the entire galaxy.
    * The western edge of the southernmost continent sits right atop a tectonic plate. Lava reserves bubble close to the planet's surface which causes the hot springs and unnaturally warm weather for that area.
    * That particular plate is responsible for the mountain range in the area as well.
    * The bamboo found in the great bamboo forest is a mutation of earth bamboo that grows twice as tall and is twice as thick.