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Homeworld: Assari
Height: 4 Feet at the shoulder
Average Lifespan: 25 Years
Earth Species Evolved From: A scientific experiment that involved deer, horse and reptile DNA

Two Forest Ki'rin.

General Info

Ki'rin is the generic name given to the majestic deerlike creatures that can be found all over Assari. Assarian ki'rins have qualities of horse, deer, and dragon. Most breeds have earthy colorization and exotic markings. Their bodies are always slender and have long legs with split hooves, long tails and horse-like eyes. Both genders have a single horn branching up between their eyes that serves as protection and a mating ritual among males. Unlike deer, they do not shed their horns.

Assarian Ki'rin mature quickly. Females are fully mature within 1-2 years and will give birth to one or two spotted young in the Spring months. For the first month of their life, young ki'rin will lay low in tall grass while their mother forages. They are weaned in about 3 months.

Diet and Predators

Ki'rin prefer to eat plant matter including tubers, clover, legumes, straw, mushrooms and grasses. If no food is available then they will eat tree bark. They are opportunistic and have been seen eating birds and field mice.

They have many predators, the most deadly is the Shau-Kuu.

For thousands of years, the native Zhaocians have hunted the Ki'rin for meat and fur.


Assarian Ki'rin communicate in many ways including calls, scent, and body language.

The call of a baby ki'rin is a high pitched squeal or bleat. This is how they communicate with their mothers.

Adults have a low gutteral call.

Adult Males have several glands that help them produce scents to either mark their terretory or to attract mates.

Forest Ki'rin

Forest Ki'rin are seen all over the forests of central and northern Assari. Adults have light tan fur with brey-brown markings on their backs and faces and pale green stripes on the rump and face. The horn of the forest ki'rin sweeps backwards and is thick at the base.

Mountain Ki'rin

Mountain Ki'rin are larger bodied then the other breeds. They have white fur with grew markings along the spine and spots on the shoulders and hindquarters. Young mountain ki'rin are all white with light grey spots.

Their horns are swept backwards and have a single prong.

More Ki'rin breeds will be added as I create them.