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Homeworld:  Auryss
Average Height:  5'7"
Life Expectancy:  180 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From: n/a (Alien Reptillians)

Aurynn - Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

The Aurynn are tall, lizardlike bipedals that have reptillian, avian and mamallian traits.  They have slender, lanky bodies that are covered with skin that is almost humanlike, but a little coarser.  Females have mammaries and their young do suckle.

Their heads are mostly reptillian, but are more elongated.  THeir heads are crowned with a crest of large feathers.

The main body color of an Aurynn depends on the region of their ancestors.  Individuals with ancestry from forest or jungle regions have green or teal skin.  Those from desert or grassland regions are tan or dark brown.  Coast region Aurynn are rare and have azure colored skin while mountain region Auryn are even more rare and have silver skin.

All Aurynn, regardless of region have orange throats, feathers, eyes and stripe markings.  Their throats also have an iridescent sheen.

Aurynn and the Alliance

The reason that the Galactic Alliance has a strict policy to not interact with ‘Unevolved Races’ (those who have
not yet discoverd syperspace travel) is mainly because of past interactions with the Aurynn.
A few centuries after the Alliance was founded, a cult of anti-alliance terrorists held up a small community
on planet Auryss.  With the help of the native Aurynn, who were at a stage of evolution similar to us modern day
humans at the time, the terrorist group was ferreted out. The Alliance shared their technology with them to help
further investigations.

Alliance forces allied with the Aurynn stormed the terrorist bases on what would later be known as “The Battle of
Serpent Valley” or simply “The Valley of the Serpents”.  During this battle, many Aurynn were killed.
After the battle, the Aurynn were allowed into the Alliance because Alliance technology was already shared with
them, however, the Alliance put out strict restrictions on planets that contain ‘unevolved’ sentient species.
Members of the Aliance are not allowed to visit these planets or interact with the species that live there. Unevolved
species should evolve on their own, and when they gain knowledge of space travel they are approached by
the Aliance and are invited to join.

As for the Aurynn, their premature induction to the stars and to the Alliance took some getting used to, but they
are currently a well respected addition to the Aliance.

Aurynn Society

Aurynn are taught at a young age to be pacifists and most
detest violence of any kind.  Many non-Aurynn speculate that
this is because of the species more violent induction into
the Galactic Alliance - that they are trying to do their part
to make sure that something like that never happens again.
This species are primarily looked at as explorers, farmers,
animal herders, merchants, biologists, anthropologists,
monks and scholars.

However, some Aurynn reject the peaceful nature that
their society tries to force on them. Aurynn that learn to fight
are deadly opponents. They can make exceptional smugglers
since they are very clever and crafty.  They can make okay
miners, traders and pirates but tend to be lousy at any
profession that involves mechanics, since they lean
heavily towards the spiritual side of the universe rather
than the scientific. 

Sex and Reproduction

Aurynn more or less mate for life.  They will choose lifemates, but there is a significant divorce rate amongst this species.  As a whole, the Aurynn tend to be reserved and somewhat shy when talking about sex.  Especially with other sentient species.

Female Aurynn give birth to live young rather than laying eggs.  Young Aurynn will mature slightly quicker than human babies.

Religion and the Lifestream

Aurynn lean heavily towards the spiritual side of the galaxy. The mainstream Aurynn religions tend to be either more like Buddhism, Shintoism or Shamanism.  They are very keen on celebrating life in all forms.  Many of them believe strongly in reincarnation.


Aurynn are omnivorous and can eat practically anything.  They have strong stomachs and can digest things that can be poisonous or upsetting to the stomach of other species.

Their bodies are efficient at processing the enzumes in alcohol.  Aurynn do not get ‘drunk’ very easily.  Even the larger sentient races would think twice (or three times) before challenging an Aurynn to a drinking contest.

Names and Language

While most Aurynn prefer to speak Galactic Common, Aurynn children are
taught Aurii, the native Aurynn language at a young age so most are
completely bilingual.

Aurii can be best described as taking Japanese, Arabic, Greek and Bahasa Melayu
and putting them in a blender set to ‘puree’.  The result is a very melodic and soft
sounding language that uses pitch and tone as well as syllables to communicate.

Other races see it as being a very beautiful sounding language.

Aurynn names usually consist of two or more words and a first name is not
routinely given to strangers.  “My name is Asuyu” is not a proper introduction for
an Aurynn.  Assume that the first name they give a stranger is a family name or a
second name.

Nishin Ruomeng, Keki Myan Chihisawa, Nenesun Awami

Special Rules for Aurynn Characters

  • No Sparkle-Aurynn.  Naturally colored Aurynn only please.