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Full Name: Agarux'ce'or Ash'ytll
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 403 lbs


Age: 120 Years
Occupation: Soldier in the Ultimarian Navy

Agarux's character sheet.

Physical Appearance

Like all Spaceborn, Agarux has an almost goatlike face with a slit nose and pretty blue eyes. He has short howns with shagy fur along the unederside and deerlike ears.

His body is huge and hulking, covered in dusty brown fur. His feet have four toes, each one "capped" with a hooflike nail. He has a mane of long blonde hair. There are NO decorations in his hari.... not even a ponytail. Such things are a symbol of status.

He dresses like an Ultimarian, wearing a tank top and drab colored pants that have been torn off and tied just below the ankles.


Agarux is the equivilant of a 20
year old human. He is still a little
naive and overly trusting of others.
He is very level headed and is very
kind towards others.

Agarux has no close ties to the Spaceborn culture,
nor does he hang around with any spaceborn other
then his family. Some wonder if deep down he
feels as if he was born in the wrong body.
Agarux will completely deny it
if asked.


Son of Thr'delskel, Spaceborn Consul in the Ultimarian capitol city of Trides.
Agarux has lived his entire life on planet Ultimare and has been greatly influenced by their
culture. He acts much more like an Ultimarian then a Spaceborn and even dresses
and talks like them.
Ambassador Naara had been a family friend since Agarux was a little boy. He found
Agarux's fascination with the Ultimarian species very curious, but he didn't fully
understand it. After the Ultimarian-Othoth war, relations between the Ultimarians
and Spaceborn were at an all time low as the Ultimarians were wondering why
the Spaceborn, their supposed aliies, did not do more to help them during the war.
Ambassador Naara felt like a Spaceborn in the ranks of the Imperial Navy would
help public relations between the two races. A deal was made between Ambassador Naara,
General Aredon Bredrit, and Emperor Himnare Zemothe to allow Agarux to
serve as an Imperial Sun.
At the beginning, Agarux felt like ab outcast in the group, as he was the only "alien"
on the Suns, so he worked hard to earn the respect of the other members.
The rest of the suns now treat him as if he is one of their own,
and he continues to be a well respected member of the team.