Full Name:  Damiat'Tor'Al Soralblouch
Height:  5'4"
Species:  Spaceborn
Age:  27
Occupation:  Blackmane Order Beastmaster


Damiat: Character Sheet


Independent and self-motivated with a
tenancy to judge himself harshly.
He is also easy going and treats others
with warmth and kindness.  He has a
bit of youthful spryness in the way
that he acts, thinks and speaks.
Like many spaceborn and beastmasters,
Damiat is a vegetarian.


From his earliest memories, Damiat was able to communicate with animals as if they were speaking a common language.  Recognizing these abilities, his parents gave him to the
Blackmane Order, a group of intergalactic beastmasters so that his abilities could flourish. 

Damiat quickly became friends with Liah Spiritsong and Tara Nord, two Ultimarian beast masters that were about his age.  The three grew up together and were nearly inseparable.

During their training, the three were sent on several missions together, including an infamous raid on an underground lab performing illegal experiments on animals.  These missions only helped to cement the friendship between the three.

As they grew older, Damiat’s friends were inevitably assigned to duty on other worlds.  Liah was assigned active duty to the Imperial Suns while Tara became an intergalactic ranger.  However, since Damiat  was still considered a “child” to his species, he was left behind at the Blackmane Order’s main enclave to continue his training.  

He can’t help but feel increasingly frustrated at the fact that his friends have “grown up” and moved on while he is still being treated like a child.

Damiat, Liah and Tara are still the best of friends and get along great when they can manage to get together.