Full Name: Himnare Zemothe
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 191 lbs
Species: Ultimarian
Age: 24
Occupation: Ultimarian Emperor


Emperor Himnare.

Physical Appearance

Emperor Himnare Zemothe has youthful features. His face is soft, but with a somewhat broad chin and piercing blue eyes. His long, blonde hair is tied back in a ponytail. His body is reasonably muscular and has ver defined muscles.

There is a scar running from his the back of his shoulderblade down to his mid chest on the right side of his body. This is a "war wound" from when an Othoth tried to rip his arm off during the war. While Ultimarians do have the ability to eliminate scarring, he chooses to heek his scar as a battle wound and is actually very proud of it.

In the public eye, he is always seen wearing fine silk robes in the colors of Ultimare - blue, black and silver.

As the tradition of the Royal Family, he uses melee weapons rather then firearms. In particular, Himnare uses a curved sword that can transfer the energy in his body directly into his sword that turns it into an energy sword.

Reth'kaa Powers

As a member of the royal family, Himnare has two Reth'kaa powers. He can control the energy in his body and either redistribute into other objects or generate it into lightning. He also has mild telekinesis. Both of these powers are very weak considered to what the powers of a member of the Royal family SHOULD be like.


Calm, collected and level headed.
He acts very reserved in the public eye.
He tries to be a good emperor, putting
the well being of his people before
anything else. However, he is still
very young and inexperienced, so
others such as General Drast can
easily influence him.


It is tradition for Ultimare to be lead by a member of the Imperial family, descendants of the
first recorded Reth'kaa (Ultimarians who can draw power from the Lifestream).
Himnare was the fifth of six children, which obviously meant that he was fifth in line for the
throne. Obviously, nobody every expected him to become the Emperor but he was trained in
the ways of the Imperial Family regardless.
When the Ultimarian-Othoth war broke out, he was 14 years old. He and his younger brother were
sent to foster homes on different planets for their protection. He lived with a family of
Spaceborn on planet Cilior for three years, cut off from all contact with his family.
Word eventually reached him that the rest of his family except for his little brother were
killed in the war and Ultimare had been without an emperor for almost two years.
He then returned to Ultimare to reclaim the throne. His first duty apon returning to Ultimare
was to storm Siefdar Station, a huge othoth base. He and his men conquered the base. During this
operation, Himnare rescued Aredon, who was a prisoner set for execution at the base. Aredon
pledged his life to Himnare fore rescuing him and after that day, the two became very good
friends. The siege on Siefdar Station is the event that turned the tides of the war
in their favor. After a year of conquest, the Ultimarians won the war and Himnare
was crowned emperor. To this day, he continues to watch over Ultimare as
their kind and benevolent leader.

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