What is the Azure Wheel?

The Azure Wheel (or Azura't'oris) is the fictional galaxy that all the personal stories of fantasy and science fiction artist Traci "Ulario" Vermeesch-Vezina art set in.

In the Beginning...

The beginnings of the Azure Wheel start 1,000 years from now. Earth has become uninhabitable so humans set out into the universe to create a new earth. They come across a young galaxy full of terraformable planets and began to set up dozens of "new earths".

The terraforming process took a long time. There were three generations of humans that never saw the outside of a spaceship.

When the terraforming was finally done, all seemed to go well on their new planets but unseen to them, there was a miscalculation with the formula to create water. All of their new life was slowly poisoned by it and began to perish. Humans as we know them became extinct.

The lifestream, a spiritual entity that watched over the galaxy, took pity on man's creation and reignited the spark of life on the dying planets. Many dying or recently dead creatures were brought back to life. For 500,000 years, this new life was allowed to grow and evolve unchecked.

The stories of the Azure Wheel universe are the stories of these creations...

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