Origins The Graveyard by ulario

The Ancient Graveyard.

Many think that the chronicles of the Azura't'oris galaxy take place in our time... or even in the past, but in all actuality they take place in the future.

In the year 3021, humans have conquered the outer regions of space but still considered earth to be home. However, humanity's warlike ways and careless squandering of earth's resources had caused earth to be virtually uninhabitable. Plague spread throughout the land, killing most of the earth's population. The remaining humans set out in the blackness of space to find a new home. After years of searching, they came across a newly formed galaxy. It was completely unspoiled by sentient beings. It seemed like a paradise.

Humans attempted to make some of the planets in this galaxy livable, but the planets were young and their atmospheres unstable. A miscalculation with the formula for water was their downfall. Terraforming these planets was a complete failure and humans slowly died out.

The galaxy began to flourish, the planets in the galaxy stabilized and life began to form. During the next 500,000 years, these beings evolved. Many into sentient beings.

The Space Born, the most ancient and wise race in the galaxy gave the galaxy the name "Azura'T'Oris" which roughly translates to "Wheel With Blue Spokes" because of the galaxy's rich blue color and spirial shape. This is also how it earned it's nickname "The Azure Wheel".

All that remains of humanity as we know them are the ruins of destroyed space ships overlooking the planet of Ghaor, in the Shyass Point System. The Azure Wheel's current inhabitants can only wonder who this ancient race that came before them was.