Azure Wheel Wiki
Sector: Central Core
Star System: Karat
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients: Ultimarians

Sector Map of Planet Ultimare

Spacescape of planet Ultimare.

Full Size map can be viewed here...

Third planet from the sun in the Karat system. Ultimare is a planet nestled inside of a large blue nebula. It is the homeworld of the Ultimarians, a race of humanoids descended from Earth's humans.

The best way to describe Ultimare would be Curuscant meets Naboo. A lot of the planet is covered in sprawling cityscapes but a lot of the buildings of some sectors have a certain "old world" charm to them and there are a lot of wide open fields.

Much of the planet was destroyed during the Ultimarian-Othoth war. The destroyed sectors now nothing more then slums that have been overrun by criminal organizations.

Ultimarians lovingly refer to their homeworld as "The Old Mum".