Sector: Central Core
Star System: Karat
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients: Ultimarians

UltimareWorldMap copy

Sector Map of Planet Ultimare

TheOldMumIII copy

Spacescape of planet Ultimare.

Full Size map can be viewed here...

Third planet from the sun in the Karat system. Ultimare is a planet nestled inside of a large blue nebula. It is the homeworld of the Ultimarians, a race of humanoids descended from Earth's humans.

The best way to describe Ultimare would be Curuscant meets Naboo. A lot of the planet is covered in sprawling cityscapes but a lot of the buildings of some sectors have a certain "old world" charm to them and there are a lot of wide open fields.

Much of the planet was destroyed during the Ultimarian-Othoth war. The destroyed sectors now nothing more then slums that have been overrun by criminal organizations.

Ultimarians lovingly refer to their homeworld as "The Old Mum".

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