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The Azure Wheel universe divided into different sectors.

Welcome to the Azure Wheel Wiki

500,000 years in the future, humans as we know them are extinct. Their only presence remains in a series of planets that they had populated in a new galaxy.

The Azure Wheel Universe has been my personal project since 1997. It has evolved and grown... and needless to say it it now HUGE! I'll try to upload as much intormation about the galaxy on this wiki. All I ask is that you be respectful and don't steal the images or try to claim the ideas as your own.

This wiki is mostly meant to be a full reference for the Azure Wheel galaxy for myself so I can keep all the small details together while I'm working. I decided to make it a public wiki for anyone who is interested learning more about the galaxy.

I ask that you be respectful and do not blatantly steal any of the content here. Some species are open, meaning that anyone can create a character from them. If you wish to do so, please only make characters from open species and please follow the rules.

**Also, keep in mind that everything here is a work in progress!  Things can and probably will change!  I am currently not only trying to add new pages, but update old ones as well.  Because of this, I ask to please refrain from leaving critical comments about the information on older pages, because I already likely have plans to change it.  I try to work on this whenever possible, but since this is a side project I have limited time to do so and it will take a while.**

Guide to the Azure Wheel Universe

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