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Centuritech's corporate logo.

Centuritech corporation was founded fourty years ago by Andrus Blacksun, an elite businessman from the Jochheon sector of Ultimare.

Centuritech specializes in the production and manufacturing of high tech electronic devices.

They are currently the leading force in electronic research and development on the planet.

Even though Centuritech is a major corporation, they are not an "evil" company and actually do a lot of public service in the community. Centuritech's founded was a self made billionaire, so he understood the importance of helping others. To this day, the company holds yearly charity events and give a small percentage of their profits to helping rebuild Ultimare and to schools.

Subsidiaries of Centuritech

  • Black Seraph Holographic Cartography - This division makes interactive holographic maps for educational purposes.
  • Biosere - A small subsidiary of Centuritech founded during the Ultimarian-Othoth that does medical research. It was founded to help create biological weapons for the war effort, but is now mostly used for finding more efficient cures for diseases.