Full Name:  Cero Narr
Height:  5'11"
Species:  Ultimarian
Age:  36
Occupation:  Privateer


Cero's Character Sheet.


While some may see Cero as being little more than
a pirate,  but Cero is an honorable man who follows
a strict personal code of conduct.  He also lives for
the moment and needs a great deal of personal
space, but is also tireless, dependable and charismatic.
Becomes extremely quiet when in an off mood.


Cero’s father was a retired smuggler and his mother a soldier, so he was practically born with a gun in his hands.  He comes from a proud tradition of ancient arms much like monks and samurai, so he has learned the importance of being honorable at a young age.  His parents would always tell him that it was his duty to uphold the family name.

Around the time of the Ultimarian-Othoth war, many of Ultimare’s trade routes became under attack by both pirates  and enemy forces.  Ambassador Naara’Tar’Yll, who was in charge of the Ultimarian Government while the Imperial Family was away from the throne hired privateers to protect Ultimarian ships and plunder and destroy the ships of enemies.  Cero joined to seek adventure and to help the war effort.

After the war, privateers were no longer needed so most were out of a job.  However, Emperor Himnare had kept a few of them on his payroll to help take care of some of the stragglers left from the war and the normal criminal element in some space sectors.  Since the Emperor had grown fond of Cero and his charismatic personality, he was one of the privateers kept on board.

As a privateer, he engages in a lot of the same activities of criminals.  However, his orders come directly from the
Ultimarian Emperor.  He only targets real pirates, smugglers and drug dealers for the betterment of the people of
Ultimare and the Ultimarian government.

He is well connected and has friends in almost every professional and social class, which provides him with a large list of contacts to help him with his profession.

Relationships With Other Characters

  • He is romantically involved with his first mate, Isomi.
  • His crew is extremely loyal to him and will defend him with their lives.
  • Aredon doesn’t like Cero because in his mind, Cero is a step above being a pirate.  Cero has no ill feelings towards Aredon.
  • The rest of the Imperial Suns have no feelings for Cero one way or the other.
  • Cero shares a business relationship with Emperor Himnare. The Emperor relies on him to deal with some of
    the most ruthless criminals that threaten the Imperial Family and Ultimare.