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Full Name:  Cirene Nyiss
Height:  5'7"
Species:  Skylion
Age:  45
Occupation:  Shogun

Cirene's Character Sheet.


Debonair and eloquent due to her aristocratic
upbringing.  She also has a high sense of morals
and is caring and compassionate.  However, she
can also be extremely venomous towards those
who irritate her.


As a member of the prestigious Nyiss family, she is an heir to a family with a prestigious past. The Nyiss name is worth far more then the family’s material fortunes.  Her father was a Shogun and her mother was a political leader so Cirene grew up with the finest luxuries that the Skylion nobility had to offer.   Her parents took great care to make sure she grew up understanding compassion for others and didn’t grow up to be a selfish, spoiled brat.

When she turned eighteen, her father began to train her to take his place, which included extensive military training.  When her father felt she was ready, he passed his position as Shogun down to her.  She is a high ranking military leader that plans military strategies and has a hand in the politics of her species.

As far as Skylion social classes go, the Nyiss family is only a step below the Royal Family. 
Because of this, she presents a prestigious image to the world that cannot be tarnished in any way.  Anybody who insults her (or her family) is counted among her enemies until amends are made.

Relationships With Other Characters

  • She is mated to Aleenth Kenon, a general in the Skylion military.
  • She has a son named Chaler, who is eighteen years old.
  • She also has two daughters; Austa (12) and Sera (6).
  • Her mortal enemy is a rival Shogun named Nyalei Tasenth who uses his position for his own personal gain. She is one of the few who realizes what he is really up to.
  • Cirene is on good terms with the members of the Royal Family as well as most of the Skylion political leaders.
  • She has occasional dealings with the leaders of other species, especially the Cilodyl.  Because of this, she is very knowledgeable about other species and their customs.