Azure Wheel Wiki
Homeworld: Ultimare
Height: 7'10"
Average Lifespan: 150 Years

Earth Species Evolved From: Protarchaeopteryx

The cobyth, or Grand Imperial Dragon, is a species of intelligent winged quadrapeds native to Ultimare. In the past, owning a cobyth was limited to the Emperor and high ranking officials in the Imperial Navy. Now, cobyth riders are a little more common.

Physical Description

The skin of a cobyth is teal blue in color and is smooth to the touch like the skin of an amphibian. Their form is mostly draconic. They walk on all fours and are deep chested.

Their heads are alomst bovine in appearance, but have five horns (two pairs on either side of the bead and one on the forehead). A crown of blue-black feathers protrude from the back of the head as well as a long pinion feather on either side of the jawline.

A pair of huge feathered wings sprout from the shoulderblades. They cannot fly, but rather use their wings to glide on air currents.

Strengths and Instincts

  • Cobyth can breed all year long, but will commonly mate during the spring and summer months. A female is only receptive for a week at a time and will try to breed constantly during that time. If impregnated, the female will lay 3-5 eggs. On average, only one will make it to adulthood.
  • In the wild, they will hunt during the day by ambushing prey from the treetops.
  • Wild cobyth are very territorial, but if raised from a young pup, they can be loyal mounts
  • Very intelligent.
  • Will usually leave sentients alone, but a hungry cobyth will sometimes wander into cities. In cities, they are generally seen as a nuisance because they eat garbage and small pets.
  • Wild cobyth are almost extinct due to the colonization of Ultimare. Now they are mostly found in canyons and craigs where cities cannot be built.


Cobyth prefer to eat small animals and birds. They also love sweet fruit and fish.

They are seen as "living garbage disposals", because they can eat almost anything.

Cobyth and Ultimarians

For millenia, cobyth have been trained and ridden as mounts by the Ultimarians. In the olden days, owning a cobyth was strictly limited to the Ultimarian Emperor and high ranking military officials as the royal seal of the Imperial Family is a rampant cobyth. They were the symbol of intelligence, strength and pride.

Nowadays, cobyth are generally more common in captivity and can be seen in circuses and zoos across the galaxy. Many ranch owners and people living in rural areas also use them as mounts.