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Full Name: Cylor Nall
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 40 lbs
Species: Ibirian
Age: 32
Occupation: Crime Lord, Leader of The Void and owner of The Ankh

Cylor: Character Sheet.

Physical Appearance

Like all Ibirians, Cylor is remarkably short. He stands at 3'3" and has a slim, slender build.

He is albino, which is incredibly rare among Ibirians. His fur is stark white with the exception of a "mask" of light peach on his face that resemble the orange markings of a standard ibirian. He is the only Ibirian who is
oddly colored in all the canon of the Azure Wheel universe. at this time.

His face is foxlike and has a slender muzzle with a slight taper. He also has a big poofy fox tail.

What he's wearing in his character sheet is about as casual as his clothing gets.
He will often wear a suit. Be creative with his clothes. Fashion inspired by the 1930s fits him very well as The Void is heavily inspired by the Sicilian Mafia of that time period.

He wears a pendant of a leaf inside of a sun at all times. This is a symbol of the Ibiaar religion. Cylor himself
is highly religious.

He carries around a pistol that he named "Chell", but Cylor is so tiny that he has to use it more like a carbine.


Think Marlon Brando's character from
the Godfather movies.
Cylor is, above all, a serious-minded
businessman. He is genuinely concerned
with how his "business" is run and won't
hesitate to eliminate anything or anyone
that poses a threat to it. He is not without
heart and will often give someone a second
or third chance unless they screwed up
REALLY badly.

He is charming and kind to ladyfolk.
Especially the prostitutes that work at The Ankh.
He won't partiake in their "services" since he tries to keep
their relationship professional They adore him.
and are often seen sitting with him on the sofas
in the private lounge areas of the club when they are off duty.

Due to his deeply rooted
religious beliefs, he will never personally harm
a woman. That's not to say that if a female
in his gang really screws things up, he won't
ask another memeber of the gang to off her.


After attending business school, Cylor moved to the Alderia sector of Ultimare with his wife and daughter.
He quickly found out that the larger sentients did not take him seriously, so he learned how to conduct his
business aggressively in order to run things the way that he wanted them to.
The Alderia sector of Ultimare was among the first sectors hit in the initial atteacks by the Othoth on
Ultimare. His family was killed in these attacks and his home was in ruins. In order to survive,
Cylor had to turn to a life of crime. He had to fight and steal in order to get food.
Seeing his natural ability to survive, he eventually gained a group of followers.
When the survivors of Alderia began forming gangs, he was one step ahead of everybody.
He had converted his old office building into a Casino/Gentleman's Club and furnished it with slot machines,
holo card tables and other things that he had found in the ruins of a casino that had been destroyed.
After the casino, had opened, it naturally attaracted a criminal element, which gave him money
and power. Criminals and Alderian survivors alike flocked to him to join his gang, The Void.
Only two years after the beginning of the war, The Void had become the most pewerful
gang in the Alderia sector and Cylor is respected and feared by all gang members in the sector.
To make more money, he dabbles in everything from drug trafficing, to prostitution rings,
to loan sharking, to labor racketeering. He sees The Void as an extended family and does
everything in his power to make sure that his family is running things smoothly
including bribery, thievery, and murder.
He is somewhat paranoid about other gang members coming to kill him, so all gang
members who enter the Ankh are patted down to make sure that they are unarmed.

The Ankh

The Ankh is a very high class Casino and gentleman's
club. A stark contrast to the destroyed slums that surround
it. It is considered "neutral territory" to all gang members
of the Alderia sector. No fighting is allowed inside the
building and all disputes between gangs must
be taken outside. All who enter the Ankh are
patted down to make sure that they are
unarmed (members of The Void being the exception...)
The back rooms of the building are where members of
The Void conduct all business.