Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 5'5"
Life Expectancy: 80 Years
Species Status: Closed For Now
Earth Species Evolved From: Humans

Elwar'thauren are the native sentients of the planet Thera whom the Theran species eventually evolved from. They have been extinct for the past 500 years.

Physical Description

A race of bipedal humanoids that were native to Thera.

For the most part, the elwar'thauren resembled humans, but with pointed ears and pure black eyes. Their bodies were much more slender and willowy then humans and they would dress in loose, flowing robes and adorn themselves with clay and leather jewelry.

Intelligence and Mental Health

The elwar'thauren had human-like intelligence, which meant that compared to the other races in the Azure Wheel universe they were below average. However, that didn't really matter much as they were still considered an "unevolved" species in the eyes of the Galactic Alliance, so they were never interacted with by non-Theran races and pretty much stayed in their own little bubble. They were pretty much forgotten by the alliance and existed only as vague references in the Denaq's libraries.

Before the time of the forging of the gods, the elwar'tharen were a peaceful race that did not understand the concepts of war and violence. It was the reign of Mathazar that introduced them to war.

Elwar'thauren and Thera

The Elwar'thauren were nature worshippers. They had strong ties to their homeworld and considered themselves to be caretakers of the land. They had a wisdom about nature that was practically unmatched by any or the other races (even the nature worshipping Ibirians) and would take great care to never damage their planet.

They were a very shaman-like species and would only use tools and supplies made from whatever nature gave them. They lived ived in small tribes, each tribe headed by a village shaman.

While they would kill animals for food, they would take only what they need and use everything that they'd take. Every part of the animal would have a purpose.

Sex and Reproduction

The elwar'thauren reproduce exactly like humans. The gestation period for females is nine months, they give birth to live young, and children mature at the same rate as human children.


The elwar'thauren were omniverous. They cultivated and raised all types of fruits and veggies and will also eat meat.

In the early days before the God Wars, they would not keep livestock for food and preferred to hunt for all of their meat. However, after the wars started, they did begin to raise certain species of animals for food.


The extinction of the Elwar'thauren species began with the banishment of the god, Jaax. After the Verin species was created, the species that they favored preying on were the elwar'thauren because they found them delicious and much easier to catch as they did not have fangs or claws to defend themselves.

The numbers of this species began decreasing at a steady pace over the next several thousand years until they finally became extinct about 500 years ago during a verin raid of the last known elwar'thauren community.

There are rumors that small communities of elwar'thauren exist, guarding lost temples in the deepest parts of the Theran forest, but this has never been proven.


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