Azure Wheel Wiki
Homeworld: Felar
Average Height: 6'
Life Expectancy: 80 Years
Species Status: Open
Earth Species Evolved From: Cougar

Felarian Species Reference.


Humanoid bipedal felines from the planet Felar. Felarians have been a spacefaring species nearly as long as the Galactic Alliance has been around but have only been a member of the Alliance in the last 1000 years or so. When first discovering space travel, they had refused invitations to join the Alliance. Instead they became a "neutral" race.

The members of the Alliance refered to them as a "Rogue Race" because they had built up quite a reputation as smugglers and pirates.

It wasn't until thier economy began failing did the decide to join the Alliance. Since then they have been trying to improve the reputation of their race in the eyes of the other races. There are many that still don't trust Felarians.

While other races refer to them as "Felarians", they call themselves "Atiatians". Since they were once an enemy of the Alliance, they didn't have much choice in deciding what the members of the Alliance would call them in their native tongue. Many Felarians think that the name "Felarian" is slightly offensive because it hints at their primitive cat ancestors. (It would be the same as kalling a human an monkeyan)

Physical Appearance[]

Felarians have humanoid forms with catlike features. Their bodies are covered with thick fur with the texture of house cat fur. They also have long tails that help keep balance and act as a indicator of a Felarian's mood. A Felarian's tail will ALWAYS give away their mood. It never lies!

The feet of a Felarian are four-toed. Like Ultimarians, they are considered to be 'Soft-Footed' and must wear shoes to avoid damage or discomfort to their feet if they step on something unpleasant. Their feet have four toes while their hands have five-fingers. Their hands and feet both contain retractable claws.

Their faces are human-like but with flattened noses and nosepad. A crop of hair adorns their crowns. This resembles the hair on humans in appearance but actually has the texture of a long cat hair rather then human hair. Their eyes are completely human-like.

Felarian characters are actually highly customizable
as far as their coloring goes. They can have the color scheme
and markings of any cat species large or small. The colors
and markings of a felarian are determined by the region of
their ancestors.
Interbreeding amongst different regions means that there
can be mixing of different patterns and colors.

Their hair color can be any color that a human's hair can.

Eyes can be green, yellow, orange, blue, grey and brown.
Green and yellow eyes are the most common.

Intelligence and Mental Health[]

Felarians are of average intelligence as far as the spacefaring races of the Azure Wheel go.

Felarians are warriors tried and true.
Though not as ritualized and bloodthirsty as the
Klingons of the Star Trek universe, they excel
at any combat related professions. In recent years
after joining the Alliance, they have been put to
work as soldiers and mercenaries.
They also make decent pilots and mechanics.

Felarians who are less law abiding make
fantastic smugglers, pirates, assassins and

Sex and Reproduction[]

Felarian courtship and breeding is exactly like human/ultimarian courtship.

Felarians choose life partners, but like with humans there is a divorce rate. Being married isn't required to breed but it is recommended.

Baby Felarians are born blind. They can walk and talk within a year.


Felarians are almost exclusively carnivores but can eat and digest plant matter as well.

Felarians will often eat grass to help them aid digestion.

Felarians and Technology[]

Felarians walk the path of technology, but not nearly as strictly as the Micans or the Ani-Gathier. Their technology mostly lies in weaponry, but they have helped make advancements in medicine and starships as well.

Individual Felarians can walk the path of spirituality, but this is uncommon among their race.

Felarian Names[]

The syllables used to make words in the Felarian
language sound like a cross between Latin,
Arabic, and Hebrew.
Their language is "right to the point" and
direct rather then being flowery and pretty.
Felarian names usually reflect different emotions,
physical attributes or personality traits.

Examples: Rerciel (respected warrior),
Orzaeus (Handsome), Atahael (Kind),
Alsan (red), Xahnnal (Blue-Eyed).