AzureWheelMap-WithSectors copy

A map of the Azure Wheel,

Map Legend (Will be updated as things are added)

1. Planet Ultimare (Karat Solar System)
2. Planet Thera (Cyriss Solar System)
3. Odynn’s Pass
4. Taraj Starfield
5. Planet Kalgea (Angetha Solar System)
6. Planet Urtin-Dyn (Enger Solar System)
7. The Harlequin Nebula
8. Planet Syvor (Jageust Star System)
9. Planet Ibirius (Vescyr Star System)
10. Former Location of Planet Basteth
11. Shyass Point System (The Ancient Graveyard)
12. Planet Nirayuskwar (Delsay Star System)
13. Planet Aw’vor (Liara Star System)
14. Planet Assari and Planet Crimson (Saa Star System)
15. Planet Felar (Tiresse Star System)
16. Ghearaa’s Anvil
17. Orso Mining Outpost
18. Speculated location of Aankaris (Planet of the Spaceborn’s Origin)
19. Planet Othae (Yanna Star System)
20. Planet Cositon (Sergal Star System)
21. Shepard Wake
22. Ruins of Tarsis
23. Andevi/Cilior (Whartai Star System)

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