Sector:  Median Ardra
Star System:  Tur-elmia
Atmosphere:  Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients:  Skylion


Hada: Planetary Map.

Third planet from the sun on the Tur-elmia System. 

Hada is a warm, earthlike planet with vast grasslands and tall mountains.  There are also multiple forests that dot the surface of the planet.  The planet’s oceans are very deep and contain various species of exotic deep sea animals.

This planet has no axal tilt, causing the climate to be very mild and predictable.  The days and nights are always equal in length, and at the poles, the sun perpetually circles around them.  It is almost like an eternal Spring climate on Hada so the plants and animals have learned to cope with that particular environment.  However, when traveling to other worlds, Skylion have a hard time adapting to extreme hot or cold temperatures. 

The sky of Hada is a brilliant blue in color with bright, vibrant sunrises and sunsets.  The night sky has a firey orange nebula streaking across.  In the past, this nebula has been the center of many religions of various ancient Skylion cultures.  To this day, the Skylion treat their homeworld as it is a living, breathing entity.

The main exports of Hada are Soulstone, livestock, fruits and vegetables, grains, teas,
gemstones, metals, melee weaponry and textiles.

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