Sector: Farway Agerale
Star System: Vescyr System
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Species: Ibirians


World Map of Ibirius.

Larger verision of the map of Ibirius.


Ibirius, the Ibirian homeworld with moon Takan.

Fourth planet from the sun in the binary Vescyr system. Ibirius is a beautiful aboreal world with a light, almost teal colored sky and pastel green grasslands. Much of the planet is covered in a vast forest full of plant and animal life. For the most part, it is not a dangerous planet and is covered with an odd sense of peace and tranquility.

Ibirius is worshipped by the Ibirians, the native sentients of the planet. They call their homeworld "mother forest" and take great care not to damage the planet's surface. All large cities are built on Takan and Derken, the two moons with similar atmostphere orbiting the planet.

Ibirians are required to wear "ceremonial clothing" when on the surface of their planet. Outsiders who visit Ibirius are exept from wearing special clothing since they are not of the Ibirian species.

Native Flora

  • The Abakus - a tree not related to any earth species. It has a thick trunk and long,thin leaves with flowering fruit.
  • The The Indar - a tree not related to any earth species. It has spiked leave and a pomegranite like fruit growing up it's think trunk.
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