Homeworld:  Selath
Average Height:  6'
Life Expectancy:  85 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Smilodon


J'Warril Species Sheet.

Physical Appearance

J'warril resemble anthropomorphic saber-toothed tigers.

J’warril are covered in thick fur that commonly ranges from light tan to a deep reddish
brown, although the most common color is a burnt orange.  Grey furred J’warril are somewhat
uncommon but can range from a light heather grey to a dark charcoal color.  Black or white
fur is very rare, but does exist.  All of them have white or light cream fur along the muzzle
and underbelly. Pawpads and nose are a pale pink.

All J’warril have stripe and/or spot markings along the body that are a darker shade of their
main body color.  These markings are like fingerprints; no two J’warril have the same markings.

The color of their eyes can be green, blue, yellow, orange or brown.  Color is mostly
determined by the region of the planet that their ancestry is from. Blue and Green eyed
J’warril are from the north and south extremities of the planet and from the mountain ranges
while yellow, orange and brown eyes are from around the planet’s equator regions.

Species History

Ever since their earliest recorded history, they J’warril have been tried and true hunters and explorers.  Every since
their earliest civilizations, they have always looked to the stars with fascination and wonder.

The J’warril first gained the knowledge of hyperspace travel about 3,000 years ago. They first set out into space
looking for new planets to colonize on and new creatures to hunt, but found the Galactic Alliance instead.
When the Alliance made the offer to join them, they J’warril immediately accepted.  They have been an important
member of the Alliance ever since then because of their knowledge of technology.

About 500 years after the J’warril joined the Alliance, it was they who personally welcomed the Turatoren, a race of
short pangolin sentients to the Alliance.  Ever since then, the two species have been very close, forming a strong
kinship. The two species openly trade and share technology between themselves.

In the modern day, the J’warril does a lot of computer and weapons manufacturing for the Alliance. making
their largest cities an essential trading hub for the other members of the Alliance. The J’warril are also a common
sight in spaceports and trading posts throughout the galaxy.

Some of them have even made their way into criminal organizations and in black market trading.


While many species wrongly stereotype J’warril as being fearsome, violent and unable to be
trusted, the J’waril are in fact sociable creatures that assume many roles in the Alliance. 
They are not shy by any means and are quick to strike up a conversation with a random stranger,
especially if that stranger is of a curious species that they rarely encounter. J’warril tend to be
completely fanatical about any group or organization that they happen to be part of.

What perhaps gives them their fierce reputation is the fact that they are quick to anger and
may shock everyone around them with sudden bursts of rage.  However, these outbursts are
completely harmless and J’warril rarely hold grudges and will immediately put their rage
behind them.

J’warril are natural born hunters who embrace technology such as energy shields and
starships, but many of them prefer melee weapons and their own wit and cunning to firearms
because they see them as being more ‘honorable’.  Especially on their hunting parties.
Even so, they stil tend to carry blasters with them since they are smart enough to know better
than to bring melee weapons to a gunfight.

Unlike their feline ancestors who were more solitary, the J'warril are highly social creatures
that have extensive family systems called 'clans'. Each clan boasts its own tradition and history
that is usually set forth and carried out by the family elder.

Sex And Reproduction

J'warril courtship is much like human courtship.  They tend to choose lifemates, but there is a certain percentage of divorce.

Females give birth to live young and the gestation period is about 8 months.


Their diets are primarily carnivorous, but some plant matter can be incorperated into their diets to help aid digestion.  Almost all of them prefer their meat uncooked or lightly cooked.  The exception would be meats that have a high chance of carrying harmful bacteria.

They also have a very high tolerance to alcohol and have a hard time tasting things that are sweet.

Language And Names

The J’warril have their own written and spoken language called Jwari, which is a
simple language that has evolved over the past few millennia.  As they developed
a relationship with the Turatoren, many Turatoren terms and slang have made it into
everyday Jwari speech.

Most J’warril that venture from their homeworld speak Galactic Common as well.

When speaking or writing a J’warril’s full name, the family or clan name always
goes before the name of the individual.

Their names are usually in Jwaril or any of the now-dead languages spoken by
the J’warril before they became part of the alliance.  Names from other languages
are very rare in J’warril culture.

Examples of names:
Serrus Isra, Kaylin Fenus, Ksaja Arral, Najesh Athuz

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