Full Name:  Jeral En'buri
Height:  6'3"
Species:  Makuni
Age:  37
Occupation:  Adventurer


Jeral - Character Sheet


Calm and reserved with an adventurous
streak.  He has a good sense of humor and
is highly intelligent. Like all makuni, he is a bit
of a technophobe and dislikes high-tech things.


There isn’t anything noteworthy or unusual about Jeral’s birth and childhood except
for the fact that his father’s love of art, alien cultures and artifacts sparked his own
interest and inspired him to become an archaeologist himself.

He has a PhD in archaeology, graduating in the top 5% of his class in a private
college on Tathaine.

Although he has been hired to examine ruins on several habited worlds, Jeral actually
specializes in the cultures of aliens that have gone extinct before learning about
hyperspace travel as the citizens of the Alliance should learn about and respect
these different cultures so they will not be forgotten and lost to the ages.

He detests collectors who hoard priceless artifacts to themselves and believes that
rare artifacts should be placed in museums so that the public may enjoy them.

Most of his time is spent either working at dig sites or speaking at museums and
colleges throughout the galaxy, but he does have a bit of an adventurous side and
will travel to ancient ruins and cities to collect the rarest of artifacts before thieves,
tomb robbers and smugglers can get their hands on them.

There are some aspects about Jeral that others find surprising.  Most notably the fact
that while he is an adventurer, he has a really horrible sense of direction and will often
rely on guides to get him wher he’s going.