The Jincilla species holds a long standing belief in a pantheon of Gods that live in Isythert, a castle in the clouds. The main gods in the Jincilla Pantheon are as follows.

Xeul - God of the Wind


Xeul - God of Storms and Wind

The king of the Gods and husband to Fala. He is believed to be very promiscuous and is said to have had sexual relations with god and mortal alike, sometimes taking the form of other people to do so. He is depicted as being a Jincilla with a black lion's mane and a fan of feathers at the base of his tail. He wears lots of platinum jewelry and long flowing robes. He carries a claymore sword charged with lighting as well as a drum.

He is also believed to have an unpredictable temper and will punish those whom he feels has wronged him without hesitation and may even punish mortals just for the fun of it.

Fala - Goddess of Clouds


Fala - Goddess of Clouds with her two white ravens

Fala is the Queen of the Gods and wife of Xeul who does not approve of his lifestyle and will often punish those he has sexual relations with, usually in ironic ways. She is very kind, gentle and loving towards mortals who worship her and will often reward them. She looks like a Jincilla with a lion's tail and bluebird markings. She two white ravens named Enthroth (who has blue eyes) and Sulroth (who has catlike eyes) as companions.

Gophalis - God of the Sea


Gophalis - God of the Sea

The sea god is the son of Xeul and Fala. He has an unpredictable temper like his father and has been known to either help or hinder mortals on a whim. He looks like a black Jincilla with a mermaidesque fish tail instead of legs and lionfish spines along the sides of the rump. He carries a silver spear and has the coloring and markings of a kingfisher that fades into the colors and markings of a marlin on his tail.

It is said that his current, wingless form was a punishment by his father for murdering the titan, Xanos.

Axec - God of Death

The caretaker of death and the underworld. He is actually a kind soul who watches over the departed. He is depicted as a dark grey elderly Jincilla with tattered wings and a blind right eye. Some Jincalla call him 'the grandfather of the gods', but he actually has no relation to any of the other gods and was born of lava in the firey mountains of central Telor at the dawn of time.

Joli - Goddess of the Hunt


Joli - Goddess of the hunt

Joli is the daughter of Aloior and Viustena. As the goddess of the hunt, she is prayed to by Jincilla huntsman. Her true form is that of a Jincilla with European Robin markings and golden armor, but she can also take the form of a fox, wolf, eagle, bear or deer. She carries around a bow and golden arrows with white eagle feathers and has a spectral eagle named Jyoran as a companion.

Aloior - God of the Sun

Aloior rides the sun across the sky each day. He is known to be a gentle god and is depicted as a white Jincilla with a golden mane and sapphires for eyes. He carries a golden longsword inlayed with aquamarines and sapphires. He is the husband of Viustena.

Viustena - Goddess of the Moon

Wife of Aloior. Every night she blankets the planet in darkess. Like Aloior, she is known to be very gentle. She is depicted as a black Jincilla with dark blue streaks in her mane and ruby eyes.

Roelis - God of War

A firey-tempered god who carries a kilij sword. Mortals pray to him before going to war and after victory in war. He is seen as a Jincilla with myna colors/markings and ruby eyes and wearing a set of black armor.

Oicil - Messanger of the Gods

He is a God with the appearance of a small child wearing a short white chiton.

Neisiane - Goddess of Love

Most of the time, the goddess of love is very kind and gentle, though deep down she is a bit of a trickster. She has the power to make people fall in love or hate each other. Seen as a Jincilla with peacock colorization and a peacock tail.

Iarega - Goddess of Wisdom

A wise and kind goddess who seeks all the wisdom of the universe. She is depicted as a Jincilla with Barn Owl coloring and a gold and white himarion. She has an lion-like creature as a companion.

Krasion - The Smithy


Krasion, the smithy god.

The god who forges the weapons and armor of the other gods. He does not interact much with mortals although blacksmiths pray to him. He is depicted as a Jincilla with kestrel markings and wearing a black chiton or sarong. He always carries a smithy's hammer on his belt.

Noclae - The Earth Goddess

Sister of Jolasa. Mother of Iarega. Her spirit dwells within the forests and other natural areas of Telor. She is depicted as a Jincilla with grey fox colorization and elk antlers. She is always wearing a green epiblema. She can change into a fox or rabbit at will.

Silusme - Queen of the Underworld

The devil. She is the much younger looking companion to Axec, though the two aren't related or even lovers. Axec is the only being whether god or mortal that she seems to get along with. She is known to be fowl tempered. It his her job to punish the departed souls of those who were wicked in life for eternity. She is a Jincilla with the crest and colorization of a harpy eagle.

Eothod - God of Wine

The god of feasts, celebration and alcohol. Always drunk. He is depicted as a Jincilla with the markings of a western tanager.

Ystarme - God of Time

An ancient god like Axec and argueably the most powerful of all the Gods. He is the keeper of the time. Depicted as a silver Jincilla with dark grey matkings like a ruby crowned kinglet on his head.

Iusus - Goddess of the Home

The domestic goddess. She watches over the homes of mortals and protects them from harm. She is a light brown Jincilla with the markings of a black-capped chickadee.

Neme - The Goddess of Keys

While she has the title of the 'goddess of keys', she is really the goddess of space (as in the physical sense of space, not outer space with planets and star systems and what not). She makes and collects keys. Think of her as being like the Keymaker from the second Matrix movie. She has the coloring and markings of a piping plover and tattered wings.

Jophode - God of Animals

A wise god who can communicate with all animals. His true form is that of a brown Jincilla with Geat horned owl markings on his head and wings but he can take the form of any animal he chooses. He is known to be wild and unpredictable like an untamed beast.

Ctaxeime - God of Fire

A prometheus like figure who brought the power of fire to mortals. Disliked by the other gods. Appears as a Jincilla made of ash with eyes that look like orbs of fire. Can burst into flames at will.

Jolasa - Goddess of Growth and Harvest

Sister of Noclae and mother of Fane. Jolasa is the patrol goddess of farmers. They pray to her for a good harvest for the year. She is seen as a Jincilla with the markings of a cross fox.

Fane - Goddess of Flowers

Daughter of Jolasa. The goddess of flowers is seen as a small child with light brown feathers. She wears a white chiton and a crown of flowers around her head.

Neth - The Trickster

Neth is the practical joker of the gods like Loki from English Folklore. Seen as a small, wingless grey Jincilla with onyx eyes. He can take the form of any living thing and uses his powers to play tricks on people.

Gaeal - God of Art

Brother of Krissa. He is the patron god of artists and sculptors. Appears as a grey Jincilla with colorful wings and dark ruby eyes.

Krissa - Goddess of Music

Sister of Gaeal. The patron goddess of music and dancing. Appears as a white Jincilla with blue wings and topaz eyes.

Orin - God of Wealth


Orin - God of Wealth

This god of wealth hordes his gold and is known to be very aggressive towards all living things whether God or Mortal. A very greedy creature. Shown as a Jincilla with killdeer markings and ruby eyes. He is always adorned with gold.

Selusis - Goddess of Justice

Regarded as being the eldest of the gods along with Axec. She is a golden colored Jincilla. She is completely blind. Her eyes are milky and dead looking so she wears a white bandana tied around her eyes. She wears a pure white tunic.

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