Full Name:  Juneri Daii Syxad
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Species:  Ultimarian
Age: 27
Occupation:  Tao Guard Grunt


Juneri is widely perceived among members of the Imperial Navy as being a coward, which is true to some extent.  While he can be quick to charge into battle, he always cautiously makes sure that he always has a way out first.
Jun is also very quick witted when talking to others as well as being extremely thoughtful.

He is affectionate and cordial to the people he cares about but is a little prudent and reserved around strangers.


Juneri is a Reth'kaa, meaning he is an Ultimarian with a deep connection to life around him that gives him special abilities. He is classified as an Empath Reth'kaa, but his abilities are very weak and are barely worth mentioning.  They only give him a slightly heightened sense of empathy towards others. 

He can read the feelings and emotions of other people, but not much more than an observant person with a keen sense of perception.

There isn't anything extraordinary or special about Jun's upbringing.  He was the only child of a single mother.  His mom worked as an attendant at one of the tradeports in his native Seban Sector.

The Ultimarian-Othoth war broke out shortly before his 18th birthday.  After he became 18 years of age, he joined the Imperial Navy because he genuinely wanted to help the war effort.  After joining the Navy, he discovered that he had a natural talent for firearms, especially pistols.

When Rahst Blacksun was promoted to the leader of the Tao Guard, the Supreme General of the Imperial Navy's personal squdron, he heard that Juneri was a Reth'kaa and hired him without question hoping that Jun would be the Tao Guard's answer to Liah Spiritsong, a strong beastmaster Reth'kaa from the Imperial Suns, a rival squadron.

Rahst was disgruntled and disappointed when he actually learned what Jun's Reth'kaa powers were.  He refers to Jun's abilities as being "useless" and only keeps him around because his talents with pistols are unmatched.

Jun isn't particularly happy about being treated in his words, like "The Tao Guard's little fat kid who always gets picked last".

It is very well known among members of the Tao Guard that Juneri's loyalty is highly questionable and he only stays because they pay him very well.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • Most find Jun to be very easy to get along with.
  • He has a girlfriend, Ilara, whom he loves dearly and hopes to one day marry.
  • He has no ill-will towards Rahst but thinks he's a giant a-hole that behaves like a child
  • He and Adaesha are on shaky terms.  The two share an uneasy truce.  While they won't tear at each other's throats, one is not particularly fond of the other.
  • Gets along okay with the rest of the Tao Guard.
  • Has neutral feelings towards the members of the Imperial Suns.