Sector: Median Cerik
Star System: Angetha
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients: Ani-Gathier

KalgeaMap copy

Planetary map of Kalgea.

The third planet from the sun in the Angetha system. Kalgea is the home of the Ani-Gathier, a race of flightless avian sentients that are known for their abilities as mechanics and builders.

Kalgea is a rainforest planet. It's Kijijyle rainforest, located in Central Kalgea contain trees that grow up to 1.3 miles high.

The Kyvoris Mushroom Forest is a forest that contains translucent, bioluminescent mushrooms.

The ice spires, located in the southernmost tip of the planet are a sight to behold, though few can stand the cold there.

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