Full Name:  Kyjja Bredrit
Height:  6'5"
Species:  Ultimarian
Age:  32
Occupation:  Trader and Captain of the Phoenix Rising


Kyjja's Character Sheet.


Charming and highly charismatic, Kyjja is a smooth
talker with a magnetic personality that attracts people
and can sway them to do what he wants.  He has a
unexplainable radient energy and others find him to
be very likeable.  He prefers to use his brain and charm
rather than brute force to get him out of tight spots.


Kyjja and his little brother, Aredon are the sons of Verek Bredrit, a hero in the Imperial Navy. While Aredon wanted to
follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military, Kyjja always dreamed of being a merchant. At first, his father
disapproved of this because he had always hoped that both of his sons would join the Imperial Navy, but Aredon
convinced his father to let Kyjja follow his dreams and at age 15, Kyjja went to a private trade school.

After he graduated, Kyjja was immediately hired by the Atumatai Trade Organization under the command of Ao Silas,
the captain of The Phoenix Rising at that time.  Over the next year, he worked hard and proved himself to the captain,
who decided to take Kyjja under his wing as an apprentice. Over the next three years, Ao mentored him in the art of
intergallactic trading. When Ao was promoted to the leader of the Atumatai traders, he let Kyjja take over the Phoenix
Rising as its new captain.

Over the years, Kyjja has become a highly respected captain.  During the war, he practically lead the Atumatai’s
contribution to the war effort, planning out new trade routes under the Othian radars as well as smuggling different
supplies to the front lines.

Kyjja and Aredon

Even as kids, Kyjja was very protective of his little
brother, Aredon and would always defend him from
bullies.  As adults, the two are still extremely
close, but the roles have shifted. As the larger and
stronger of the two, Aredon is actually the one
who looks out for his older brother and would lay
down his life for Kyjja in a heartbeat.

Relationships With Others

  • He is the older brother of Aredon.  Even though the two don’t see each other very much, they are very close since they
    both see the other one as the only family that they have left.
  • Alora is the first mate on his cargo ship.  These two enjoy trolling each other and for the most part, act like brother
    and sister.
  • Kyjja is good friends with Ao, the leader of the Atumatai traders.
  • He is highly disliked by the employees of Durastar, a mican company that specializes in computer parts.  A trade
    between the Atumatai Traders and Durastar went south, so there has been friction between these two factions.

  • Kyjja does not have a serious girlfriend at the curent time, but he has had a few relationships with women in the past.
    However, none of them have lasted over two years.
  • Besides his brother, he doesn’t know any of the members of the Imperial Suns very well.
  • He has a typical employer/employee relationship with the rest of the members of his crew.  He is a stern captain,
    but treats his crew members with kindness and respect.

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