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Full Name: Liah Spiritsong
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 153 lbs


Age: 28
Occupation: Imperial Sun Soldier and Beastmaster of the Blackmane Order

Liah's character sheet.

Physical Description:

Liah is a real beauty, although she seems to be completely oblivious to this fact. She has firey read hair that has been cut as shoulder length. Her face is narrow with high cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. Her skin is soft and pale. Freckles dot her cheeks.

Her eyes are large and emerald in color. Like all Ultimarians, her eyes are extremely bright and clear, reflecting their connections to the lifestream. In the sunlight, her eyes glimmer with flecks of bright green and gold. She has full pouting lips that are naturally a soft crimson color.

She has a moderately slender build. She is lean and athletic, lacking the muscles that most other members of the Suns have. However, she has more endurance then the other members of the Suns and can easily outlast them all in prolonged physical activity since she uses up much less energy.

She keeps a posture that is both confident and formal at all times. Her formal upbringing has taught her how to sit and stand like a proper lady. She has good posture. She is very meticulous about her personal hygiene and will always keep herself clean and her surroundings tidy. She has been described as being “like a cat” when it comes to personal cleanliness.


Her work clothing usually a pair of form-fitting pants and a midriff shirt. When scouting, she can wear a set of cloth armor that is lightweight and easy to move in (I don’t have a “set” design for her cloth armor so be creative with it if you are drawing her in it). Casual clothing is usually a pair of khaki pants or jeans and a plain tank top or baby doll tee with nothing on it. Green clothing seems to be an obsession for her. Absolutely nothing made out of leather is in her closet!

For the rare occasions that she needs to dress up, she has a form fitting long green dress with a low back. She looks very elegant when she wears this. In her closet, she also has a black suit-dress, sweaters, a knee-length black trench coat and several neutral colored or white button-up shirts.

She doesn’t usually wear jewelry, especially when she’s working. She owns a pair of dog-tags only for identification purposes in case she is killed in battle. When dressing casually, she may wear an armband or bracelet.

Her primary weapon is a ch’therden, a six foot long spear with a curved blade, serrated top edge and a hook on both the top and bottom that curve backwards. This is the signature weapon of the Blackmane Order and may only be used by their members.


Due to her connection with the animal world, she has very close ties with nature. She wants to dedicate her life both to helping rebuild the planet and to help animals. If had to choose only one of those two goals to follow, then she would definitely choose helping animals since she considers herself to be a voice to those who have no voice.

When she talks, she tries to focus more on conveying her message to other people then hanging on emotions. She always shows love and affection to the people that she really cares about. She has a good sense of humor and is willing to laugh at herself. She finds the antics of Shae and the other guys to be pretty funny. On the flip side, she can be condescending towards people that she doesn’t like. She can be very arrogant when it comes to her abilities. She becomes enraged when she sees someone abusing an animal to the point where she becomes violent.

She has a positive attitude and high self esteem. She is a good strategist and is very empathetic towards all living things.

She refuses to eat the flesh of an animal or wear anything made of their skin (leather, etc). She has no problem with consuming products that come from animals (milk, cheese, honey, etc) because her species has a hard enough time going vegetarian… going vegan is a physical impossibility for an Ultimarian. Also, she knows that they are products that her animals willingly give her. She is "grossed out" seeing the others eat meat, but does not condemn them or preach to them about doing so.


Liah was born into a wealthy family. Her father was a doctor and her mother was an Ancient Alien Archaeology professor at the local college. They were wealthy enough that they could afford a secluded patch of land away from the sprawling cities that took up most of the planet’s surface. As such, her childhood was lonely because she had to children to play with. She turned to her pets for companionship. She found that she could understand and communicate with her animals, even without words. When her parents saw her communicating with her pets, they thought that it was just the overactive imagination of a little girl.
When she was 12 years old, she was still talking to her pets which made her parents start to believe that she was crazy. They took her to a child psychologist who tested her abilities and determined that she was not crazy, but rather she really did have the ability to communicate with animals. She was in fact, a Reth’kaa, a rare breed of Ultimarian who has a deep connection to the Lifestream and has supernatural abilities because of it.
Her parents, not knowing what to do with someone with her talents sent her to the Blackmane Order, a group of intergalactic beast masters with abilities similar to hers in hopes that they would nurture abilities. The Blackmane Order taught her how to harness her bond with animals and fight as one with them on the battlefield.
Three years ago, she was recruited to the Ultimarian Military to help with the post-war efforts. She did not have any formal military training, but people with her abilities are highly prized by the military. She has already proven herself to be much more effective then even the most elite of K-9 units.


She is a Reth’kaa (a rare breed of Ultimarian with supernatural powers drawn upon from the Lifestream). Her specific power is the ability to communicate with animals. An animal will show no fear around her and will not try to attack her.

She enjoys anything that has to do with nature from sitting under a tree reading a book to hiking and hates being indoors.

Animal Companions
Gabriel Nimbus Inari

Relationships With Other Characters


To her, Shae is a kindred spirit and a true friend. The two are nearly inseperable and it is obvious that they care deeply about each other. Liah seems to be completely oblivious to Shae's romantic feelings for her, which is odd because she usually has natural empathy towards both animals and sentients.


He is a man that she looks up to and highly respects. She is grateful towards him for allowing her to be a member of the Suns.


While the other Suns think that he is a space bastard, she genuinely pities him because she senses the emotional turmoil going on inside his head. She knows a little bit about his past, which makes him seem all the more tragic to her. She wishes that she could find a way to help him.


Liah's boyfriend. While lovers, they don't share as deep of a spiritual connection as she does with Shae.


One of Liah's best friends. The two are often seen sharing "girl talk".