Origins The Goddess by ulario

A possible representation of the lifestream.

The lifestream (AKA the "life goddess" or "great mother") means different things to the different inhabitants of the Azure Wheel universe. There are many theories about what it actually is.
The most common theory is that the Azure Wheel universe is conscious. It thinks and feels. That consciousness is personified into a female entity or goddess. This entity is neither good nor evil but strives for form a complete balance between the two. She connects all life together through a psychic link. Most inhabitants cannot feel it, but certain individuals of all races seem to have a sensitivity towards the lifestream. These people have a great connection to all life, but each individual may feel it in a different way. Some may sense pain in another person or can tell when an individual is going to die. Others still can communicate with animals.
Though this entity is seen as enveloping the entire galaxy, there are parts of the universe that feel particularly strong. The strongest of which is located around the forest planet, Thera. This may very well explain why Therans seem to be so sensitive to it and why they are the only species in the galaxy that practice ancient magiks.
In many cultures, it is believed that when one dies, they reenter the lifestream. What happens after that is highly debated. Some cultures believe that they become one with the lifestream. Others believe that to enter it is to enter heaven. Others still believe that it is a "soul bank"... where souls wait to be reincarnated.

Different Culture's Names for The Lifestream
Ultimarians - The Lifestream or The Life Goddess
The Space Born - Maa'a (Mother)
Ibirians - The Sun Goddess
Syvorians - The Great Talokun
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