Azure Wheel Wiki
Homeworld: Andevi
Average Height: 5'5"
Life Expectancy: 80 Years
Species Status: Open
Earth Species Evolved From:

Red Kangaroo

Mican Species Sheet.

Micans are bipedal marsupials from the planet Andevi. They are best known for their exploration abilities and love of scientific advancement.

Micans are one of the newest races of the Galactic Alliance. They were at 'caveman' stage when the Alliance was first formed and thanks to the early Alliance's lack of laws about meddling in the affairs of 'unevolved' species, this species was able to evolve rapidly and gain knowledge of space travel within a few thousand years. While they get along with most other species, it is the like-minded Ani-Gathier that they share the closest bonds with.

At their unevolved stage, the Early Micans feared the early Alliance explorers and would try to stay out of their way. Some of them worshipped these strange travelers as 'gods' and created many myths about them. As the Micans evolved, these legends were forgotten.

Physical Appearance

For the most part, Mican resemble anthropomorphic kangaroos. However, they have striped markings on their shoulders, backs, tails and legs that their marsupial ancestors lacked. Females have lost the trademark 'pouch' of kangaroos and they do not 'bounce'. They walk just like everybody else.

Micans have reddish-brown, brown, yellow-brown, grey, or grey-brown fur with hair that is a lighter or darker shade of the body color. Eye color depends on the region of their ancestors. Micans with ancestry from the equator regions have brown or orange eyes while micans with ancestry from nearly every other region have green or blue eyes.

Their bodies are slender yet muscular. They have narrow waists but wide hips and powerful legs. They also have thick-kangaroo like tails.

Micans have a distinct clothing style. Their clothes are form fitting, sometimes have 'Chinese style' collars or v-necks. Their clothing usually contains accents in geometric shapes. They prefer wearing greens, greys, blacks, whites or tans. Bright, flashy colors are pretty much unheard of for their clothing.

Intelligence and Mental Health

Compared to humans, the Micans would be considered a highly intelligent race... but compared to the other races of the Azure Wheel universe, Micans would be considered to be of average intelligence.

Thanks to an organization known as the Tasir'll Explorers, they have a reputation as explorers, cartographers and archaeologists. However, they also make excellent traders, spies, runners, mechanics and inventors. Their combatant abilities are sub-par so they aren't very good at most fighting professions.

Sex and Reproduction

Mican courtship is similar to human courtship. Most choose a single mate. The ideal is that they remain with their mate for life, but like with humans there is a divorce rate. Pairs of mated Micans are refered to as a 'Bonded Pair'.

Mican children are very small and are born blind and deaf. The parents spend a great deal of time and energy caring for their infant children. Baby Micans can usually walk and talk within a year and a half.


Unlike their kangaroo ancestors who were strict herbivores, Micans are omniverous. Their bodies can digest meats and dairy with no problem at all.

Besides eggs (which are one of their favorite foods... they LOVE them!), Micans usually prefer eating plant matter over meats. Some will go as far as spending their lives as strict vegetatians.

Micans have strong stomachs and can digest certain species of plants and grasses that no other race can digest.

Micans, Sprituality, And Technology

This race walks the path of science rather then spirituality. Micans that have deep connections to Azeur are very, very rare since most Micans have the spiritual sense of a yam (I'm not saying that they can't be religious, since many of them are... they just can't directly feel the powers of the Lifestream). They refer to the Lifestream as Azeur - which they derived from the word 'Azura't'oris', the Spaceborn name for the galaxy. At caveman stage, they heard early Alliance members using that word and thought that it meant a God or form of deity. Thus their name for the lifestream derived from a gross misunderstanding.

The rare few individual Micans that have connections to the Lifestream seem to have a deep connection to either sentient or animal life. There are a few Micans in the Blackmane Order.

Mican Names

Early Micans learned speech by observing the early Alliance explorers - particularly the Spaceborn. For the most part, their language is based on the early Mican's innacurate interpretation of the Spaceborn language. The Mican's natural language follows the same speech patterns as the Spaceborn's.

Mican names reflect this,

Examples: A'inakel, Cer'sul, A'ustom, Kehaed, Tauridi