Full Name: Nazari Pertaia
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Species: Ultimarian
Age: 35
Occupation: The Imperial Suns' Medic


Nazari's Character Sheet.

Physical Description

Nazari has a slender face with narrow chin and full lips. Her skin is medium dark while her hair is a light blonde hue. Her exact hairstyle may change, but it will ALWAYS be cut short. She prefers asymmetrical hairstyles that give her a "cute" look.

Her body is elegant and slender with a narrow waist, generous hips and d-cup breasts. Her movements are always graceful and she carries herself with a good amount of dignity.

Her eyes are an intense orange color.


My apologies to anybody who may be thinking "naughty nurse", but she will not sacrifice hygene and professionalism in the line of duty in order to "look sexy". Her work clothing consists of a long lab coat and a pair of blue or turquoise scrubs. For shoes she wears a pair of black clogs.

When she's not on duty, she likes to wear a pair of jeans and a cute tank top with jeans or sneakers.

She is a coffee addict, so she can often be seen with a travel mug.


The good doctor. Nazari is kind
and gentle towards all she meets. She
is slow to anger and always willing to
lend a helping hand to those in need.
She has little patience for ignorance
or stupidity. Sometimes bubbly.


Nazari is just your average girl who joined the medical career because she wanted to help people.
She was still attending medical school at the time the war broke out so she dropped
everything to join the Imperial Navy and attend their Military Meedical school.
There she was trained as a combat medic and learned how to provide first aid
and frontline trauma care to soldiers on the battlefield.
While she proved to be very lousy at actual combat, she quickly became one of the
top doctors in the combat medical field. She was always found either treating
wounded soldiers on the battlefield or in the combat support hospitals.
Her reputation as a doctor reached the ears of General Aredon Bredrit and he asked
her to join the Imperial Suns.
This was an offer that Nazari debated for a while. She believed that she could be of
more use on the front lines with the grunts, but eventually came to the conclusion
that helping the Suns would be the best course of action for her so she signed on.
She quickly proved herself to be a major asset to the Suns at their first battle.
Dom had sustained a blaster wound to the stomach and some quick surgery from
Nazari saved his life. Aredon awarded her with the Rho Ares Crest, one of the
highest honors for medics in the Imperial Navy.
She continues to practice for the Suns and is one of the most highly
respected medics in the Imperial Navy.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • Girlfriend of Jacen Nai, a Staff Sergeant in
    the Imperial Navy.
    * Despises Rahst, who has tried to hit
    on her in the past. She rejected his
    advances and he now acts like a total
    dick to her.
    * Good friends with Raevynn but considers
    herself to be friends with all the Suns.