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Homeworld: Nirayuskwar
Average Height: 6'2"
Life Expectancy: 95 Years
Species Status: Open
Earth Species Evolved From:


Niray species sheet.

Niray are amphibious sentients native to the water planet, Nirayuskwar.

Physical Appearance

While DNA tests have revealed that Niray have evolved from a species of fish, their appearance is but a whisper of the species that they evolved from.

Niray stand over 6 feet tall and are covered in a scaleless blue skin. The skin color can range from a pale baby blue to a deep azure. Medium or dark skinned niray are regarded as being the standard of beauty for their species as they see paler skinned Niray as being anemic looking. The chin, jawline, throat, inner arms/legs and stomach of a Niray are an off white color while the backside of the body is lines with large stripes that are a darker hue of their main body color.

Niray heads are human-like save for two huge fins rather then ears. These fins are pale blue with an orange edge and act as sensory organs. Their eyes are large and like frog eyes - black pupil and sclera with gold accents.

The arms and legs of a niray are lined with a row of featherlike skin that also acts as sensory organs that can detect electrical changes in the water. These are pretty much useless if the Niray is out of water. They have large webbed hands, digitigrade legs and big feet. Niray feet have a unique structure; the bones in the feet lock into place when the Niray is standing on dry land but can expand into fins when the feet aren't planted on a firm surface (IE in water).

Both genders have a back display, a series of long pinions of skin and cartilidge on either side of the shoulderblade. There are six on each side - so twelve total. Most of the time the display folds against the back but are flexible enough for the Niray to sit without discomfort. The ends of the pinions naturally secrete a toxin that can kill a non-Niray if absorbed through the skin. Most Niray get the ends of the pinions removed at childbirth as not to accidently poison and kill an offworlder during their life.

The display can open up, but the Niray usually only does this if threatened as it makes them look bigger and scarier.

Females do have breasts, but no nipples. This is one of the many things that baffle scientists about the Niray species.

Most Niray do not wear shirts because they find it uncomfortable against the black display. They will wear skirts or sarongs if only for the sake of offworlders who dislike nudity. The genitals of both genders are internal so even if nude, one would not be able to "see anything".

In cold weather, a Niray will wear large coats that cover their entire bodies - display and all.

Warriors will carry swords, but these swords are only for show to uphold traditions. Like most intelligent sci-fi races, they use firearms as their primary weapon.

Intelligence and Mental Health

The Niray are a proud race that take the idea of personal honor very seriously. They normally get along with members of the other races very well unless someone does something to insult them. They can be prone to gumpiness, especially when other races don't respect their culture, but an offworlder lucky enough to gain a Niray's trust will have a loyal friend for life.

Sex and Reproduction

Niray give birth to live young rather then laying eggs or spawning. This is another aspect of the Niray species that completely baffles scientists.

Niray mate for life, but the concept of marriage is foreign to them. They bond with their partner, but do not have a ceremony for marriage or even recognize marital status.

Baby Niray develop at a decent pace. They can walk and talk within 18 months.


For the most part, Niray are pescitarians. They prefer to eat fish, seafood, and plant matter that comes from the see (kelp, seaweed, etc). When on other worlds, they can eat other plants and meats but their bodies may have a harder time digesting them.

Niray, the Lifestream and SCIENCE!

Most races of the Azure Wheel universe tend to lean either towards science or spirituality. The Niray are one of the few races that walks a thin line between the two. The only two other races that can claim this are the Spaceborn and the Ultimarians.

The Niray are seen as a scientific anomaly. Their biology makes no sense from a scientific point of view and if baffles scientists of all races.

While DNA tests show that they have clearly evolved from fish, they have anatomy that more resembles Ultimarian anatomy then any type of aquatic life. Females have breasts and give birth to live young.

Back when the Niray were considered an 'underdeveloped species', Ulrimarian and Spaceborn scientists would perform experiments on them to try to make sense of their evolution. This was back long before the Galactic Alliance had laws about interfering with underdeveloped races.


Niray names are long and complex,
usually meaningful words in
the Niray language. More often
then not these words are based
on planet or animal life.

Examples: Kaltherroth, Thermoriss, Ineanther, Taiskelad, Nayltdyn, Noimaugh