Sector: Farway Lina
Star System:


Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix with a layer of gas above it
Native Sentients: Othoth


Planetary map of Othae.

Third planet from the sun in the Yanna system.

Othae was one of the human settler's biggest f***-ups. Their botched terraforming created a layer of gasses above the breathable atmosphere that creates a "greenhouse effect" for the planet.

It is a planet full of wetlands and marshes. For the most part, the terrain is rather flat.

Most earth species COULD survive here as the atmosphere is breathable, but the heat and humidity from this planet would make things very uncomfortable for any non-native species.

Othae is probably best known for it's unique species of fungus. There are some species that release toxic spores that can instantly kill many organics and some can even move on their own and seem to have an insect-like intelligence.