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Homeworld: Othae
Average Height: 6'5"
Life Expectancy: 80 years
Species Status: Open
Earth Species Evolved From: Axolotl

Othoth species sheet.

Amphibious humanoids from the wetlands planet Othae. For millenia, the Othoth have been a neutral race, simply choosing not to become part of the Galactic Alliance. However, they were on good terms with the alliance and would frequently trade and interact with the allied planets. This all changed ten years ago, when they sent air troops to attack planet Ultimare without warning or provocation, seemingly suffering from some form of insanity. This is what launched the Ultimarian-Othoth war.

Species Description

Othoth have tall, lanky bodies and long digitigrade legs. They are about half a foot taller then your average Ultimarian, but are much more slender and lighter. Females do not have breasts and the genitalia of both genders are internal, so it may be difficult distinguishing a male from a female. The only physical gender difference between Othoth is that females are slimmer and have wider hips.

The skin of an Othoth is smooth to the touch like that of a frog or newt. It is always a blue or green hue in color with white undersides and a darker mottling or spotted pattern on the shoulders and back. Like a frog, they can "breathe" through their skin, but they also have a complex lung system so they can survive indefinitely on land or in water as long as their skin does not get dehydrated. They cannot survive on hot planets, such as Syvor, without wearing either a specialized suit or being in water.

Their faces are long and taper to a narrow muzzle with a chin bump. On either side of their head is a finlike sensory organ, which had evolved from the feathery sensors of their axolotl ancestors. There are a series of sensory tendrils on the back of their heads (meat-dreadlocks as some of the other races call them) as well as two longer sensory tendrils that can move independantly and will flicker according to the Othoth's mood.

Eyes can be yellow, brown or orange.

Intelligence and Mental Health

As far as intelligence goes, the Othoth are pretty average when compared to the rest of the sentient species in the Azure Wheel Galaxy. They are intelligence and quick to learn things and most are bilingual, speaking both galactic common and their own language.

The question of their current mental health is up for debate. In the past, they had been a relatively peaceful race that enjoyed keeping trade relations with the allied planets. However, during their initial raid on Ultimare, the entire Othoth race had seemed to gone completely mad. Nobody, not even the Othoth knew why. The only clue was once captured Othoth soldier that muttered something about a "black star".

After the war had ended, the surviving Othoth seemed to gain their sanity back, but the war had already happened and the Othoth were universally hated, so now they tend to keep their distance from the other races.

Sex and Reproduction

Othoth will choose lifemates or partners and tend to remain loyal to their partner for life, but there are divorce rates.

Their reproduction is very similar to that of earth frogs. To reproduce, an Othoth couple requires a body of water (freshwater is by far prefered but salt water will work in a pinch), the female will lay her eggs where they will be fertilized by the male. Females will lay about 5-10 eggs at a time.

Othoth eggs are a favorite of predators and are vunerable to a variety of diseases or simply do not develop, so on average only one or two of the eggs will survive and hatch. In the past, the Othoth did not try to increase their eggs' chance of survival because they didn't want their species to become uverpopulated, but now since their numbers have decreased greatly since the war they are trying to allow more eggs to survive.

The creature that emerges from the hatched egg is very much like a tadpole. It is at this point where the parents will put the infant in a tank or small pond to watch over them.

Over the next year, the infant othoth will start developing different features.

  • They will grow legs and arms.
  • Their gills will dissapear and they will develop a more complex respitory system.
  • Formation of the skin and development of skin glands and nervous system.
  • The digestive system will become more complex and they will become able to eat meat and plant matter (newly hatched othoth tadpoles can only eat algae).

After the baby Othoth is fully developed, they behave, grow and mature much like a human child.


Othoth ore omniverous. They can eat almost any organic matter but prefer fruits, insects, and small reptiles and amphibians. Ultimarians have always been repulsed by traditional Othoth cuisine.


Othae is a plutocracy. Those with wealth are the ones in power and who make all the descisions for the planet. Those with a certain level of income hold meetings every year to discuss the fate of the planet. Most of the time, they do act for the good of the planet but there are times when they act simply out of their own self interest.

They do appoint mayors of different districts to help run things smoothly.

After the Ultimarian-Othoth war, the council of the rich has pretty much dissolved, leaving many Othoth without a gornernment. As you can imagine, this can be pretty chaotic.

Guidelines for Othoth characters

  • Othoth living before the war are on good terms with the other races and will trade freely with them.
  • Othoth during the war are stricken by madness. None of the Othoth, including any potential fan characters, know why they feel the need to attack Ultimarians. They just feel a raging, uncontrollable need to do so. The only thing may know are the words "black star".
  • Othoth living after the war are no longer stricken by madness, but are still universally hated by the other races for their attacks on Ultimare. Most of them are either living in small colonies on remote worlds or are drifters in space. They can live on Othae, but many feel that their homeworld is "unsafe" and fear that somebody will attack it for revenge.
  • Othoth names are typically hard sounding and consonant heavy. Examples: Shaphz, Phelnd, Gygyer, Thizn, Joph
  • Othoth characters must be naturally colored.
  • Othoth cannot have multiple "forms", be feral or transform into other animals.
  • No "adult" pictures or material of this species is allowed. Sorry, but the species is still attached to my name.