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Full Name: Raevynn Tharr
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 140 lbs
Species: Ultimarian
Age: 33
Occupation: Heavy Weapons Expert for the Imperial Suns

Raevynn's character Sheet.

Physical Description

A medium-dark skinned beauty from the Achris sector of planet Ultimare. If she were a modern day human she'd be considered a cross between Arabic and Southern Italian.

Her face has slender features with piercing violet eyes and a pointed chin. Her body is of slender build, but she is also built solid and is somewhat muscular.

Her jet black hair is worn short since short hair is MUCH easier to manage then long hair.

As for clothing, she always likes wearing corsets and long pants... even when on the military base. It's not regulation, but Aredon allows it. Mostly because he got tired of arguing with her about the matter. The color purple seems to be an obsession for her, at least when clothing is concerned because it matches her eyes. She will wear the standard uniform when on the battlefield since her normal clothing is not very practical for combat.


Outspoken and outgoing, many who
don't know Raevynn would think that
she's completely psychotic. However,
the Suns know that her heart is in the
right place and that she's willing to
go out of her way to help out someone
who needs it. As a friend, she is both
loyal and trustworthy.

Raevynn specializes in all sorts of heavy
weaponry from ion cannons to lightning
cannons to rocket launchers to flamethrowers. The Suns
come to her when an armored tank needs
to be blown up or the wall of a base needs
to be torn down. It may be hard to
believe, but she probably likes explosions
more then Shae does.
Using heavy weaponry is one of the few
outlets she has to channed her stress
and anxiety into and would probably go
crazy without her daily trip to
the firing range.


Raevynn never knew her father. She was an illigitimate child who was raised by her mother
with her younger sister, Kiaa. Growing up, she was a bit of a tomboy and got along much
better with the guys then the girls. Because she was good friends with the boys, the girls were jealous
of her and shunned her. Because of this, she quickly learned to distrust other females. She became
ill tempered and would often lash out at others.
During adolescence, she was arrested for armed robery. The judge gave her a choice of either military
service or jail time. Obviously she chose military service. During military training, she was
taught minitions training which became a healthier outlet for her anger. When the war
broke out, she proved herself a hero who took down more Othothian soldiers then any
other soldier in her platoon. Her proudest moment was the assassination of Vierz,
an Othothian Master Colonel.
When the Imperial Suns were formed, she was one of the first that Aredon asked
to join. It was there where she met Dominico, the man destined to become her soulmate.
Dom and Raevynn's relationship was not love at first sight. In fact, when she first met him, she
hated him. It wasn't until when they were partnered together on a combat mission where
they started developing feelings for each other. While she is still distrustful of most females,
Liah and Nazari seem to be the exception to that rule.

Relationships With Other Characters

  • Dominico - She's Dom's girlfriend. He seems to be the only male who can stand toe to toe with her in practically every aspect.
  • Liah and Nazari - She's friends with both of them, which is unusual since she normally distrusts other females.
  • Aredon - Ared and Raevynn have butted heads over a variety of topics in the past. Other members of the Imperial Navy wonder why he keeps her on the team after arguing with superiors, but Aredon knows she means well and that he'd never find a better heavy weapons expert.