Full Name:  Raizach Yor Gatla
Height:  5'11
Weight:  218 lbs
Species:  Ultimarian
Age:  26
Occupation:  Imperial Suns Soldier/Sniper


Zach - Character Sheet


Cocky and hot-headed, but
his heart is usually in the right
place.  Always willing to help
out his team mates whenever
possible.  Highly ambitious,
but can be impulsive at times.


Zach’s family has had a long history in law enforcement that dates back four generations.
At age 18, he immediately joined the Trides police force to follow his family’s legacy. 
Due to his extraordanary skills with marksmanship, unarmed combat and leadership
abilities, he became one of the youngest officers ever to be selected for the Tridian
USF team.  (USF or Ultimarian Tactical Forces are Ultimare’s equivalent of a SWAT team).

He is best noted for his part in rescuing the daughter of the Aurynn Ambassador from
Red Circle extremists, but it was a brawl in a night club following these events that
made a news story that first caught the attention of Aredon Bredrit, who later learned
about Zach’s talents and abilities.

Aredon searched out Zach and invited him to join the Suns as their new sniper, since
their previous sniper had just retired. Zach, of course, accepted this offer and is now
a highly respected member of the team.

Relationships with Other Characters

- His girlfriend, Shanna is an animal curator at the Holm Aquarium in Trides.
-  Best friends with Orion.
- He has a buddy-buddy friendship with Shae since these two share many common
interests.  Especialy when it comes to games/gaming.
-  He looks up at Aredon with respect and admiration although the two don’t
speak much outside of work.
- He is on good terms with the rest of the members of the Imperial Suns.
-  While most of the Imperial Suns harbor a strong dislike for Rahst and the rest
of the Tao Guard, Zach tries to remain somewhat diplomatic towards them
if only to do his part to prevent any hostile confrontations between the
two teams.