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Full Name: Riho Atdarraryn
Height:  5'8"
Species:  Skylion
Age:  25
Occupation:  Skylion Princess and Envoy to Ultimare

Princess Riho's character sheet.


Behind the Name

Riho’s name comes from two words in an ancient Skylion language; Rias, which means frost and Hoen, which means lace.
Her name literally means”frostlace”, which is an old Skylion word for the frost condensation that builds up on windows during the wintertime.

The Imperial family of Ultimare has given her the nickname “Lady Frost” because of her “frosty” colorization.  Many non-Skylions know her only by this nickname.


A badass space princess to say the least.
Riho has the typical Skylion sense of bravery
and honor and is a champion sword fighter.
Like most other Skylion, she has a no nonsense
attitude and becomes very impatient when she
feels as if others are wasting her time.  She is also
very opinionated about things that she cares about
and can’t stand being corrected.  However, she
is also kind, honest, hardworking and clever.
Even towards strangers.


Princess Riho looks back on her youth as an over idealized golden time, and that memory
refuses to fade and is always ever present in her mind.  She grew up in the highly respected Skylion Royal Family and received all the privileges that comes with being a princess.  Her family took great care into making sure that she learned empathy towards others and that she didn’t grow up into a stereotypical spoiled royal brat. 

Because of all of the political guests coming in and out of the palace while she was growing up, she is truly comfortable around members of all species in the alliance and has a very easy time putting her trust and faith in species other than her own.  Her family saw this trait in her and asked her to be an envoy of the Skylion royalty when she became of age.  She agreed to do it as long as her childhood friend, Zigra could accompany her.

For the past six years, Riho has served as the Skylion envoy to the Imperial family of Ultimare.  She represents the Skylion government in the political and trade dealings with the Ultimarian government, which helps gain the allied support of the Ultimarians and the Alliance in general.

She also considers herself to be an unofficial ‘bodyguard’ to the Imperial Family and uses her own sword to defend them, much to the dismay of her parents who claim that the Ultimarian Emperor already has enough bodyguards and that there is no reason at all to put her own life in danger.  Regardless, she is a valued member of the Imperial council who tends to be well liked by the Imperial Family.