Full Name:  Savani Neimev
Height:  4'3"
Species:  Aujarox
Age:  18
Occupation:  Hunter


Savani: Character Sheet


She does have the typical Aujarox
shyness, but she is outgoing and
sweet towards members of her tribe. 
Distrustful of other tribes.  She’s a bit of
a risk taker and is very resourceful but may
sometimes make serious errors in judgement.


All throughout her childhood, Savani’s tribe was persecuted and subordinated by a much larger tribe, which often left her tribe’s warriors beaten and bloody.  After an extremely violent conflict between these two tribes killed most of her tribe’s males, some of the women in the tribe, including Savani, picked up weapons and learned how to fight in hopes of gaining
revenge against the rival tribe.  It was because of the women who decided to temporarily leave the typical gatherer/homemaker role of female aujarox to join the fight that her tribe was able to wipe out the rival tribe and live in relative peace.

Having a taste of the warrior’s life, Savani was the only female of her tribe that chose to become a hunter rather than return to the expected roles of aujarox females.  While she has proven herself as a skilled warrior and for the most part, the male hunters of her tribe have learned to accept her and even welcome her on their hunting parties, she often faces hostility, stereotyping and sometimes violence from males of other tribes.