Homeworld:  Syvor
Height:  2'3"
Average Lifespan:  15 Years
Earth Species Evolved From:  n/a


Scavengers - Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

Winged reptavians about the size of a large dog.  For the most part, they resemble small dragons.  While they seem to prefer walking on two legs, they can also walk on four.  Their bodies are covered in scaly brown skin and have bright red on the neck and wings.  Their throats are a bright yellow.

Their heads are croned with a long crest and their mouths are full of razor sharp teeth.

Strengths and Instincts

Scavengers (also known as Morraktia in the native Syvorian language) are highly aggressive creatures.  While they will not actively hunt living creatures for food, they won't hesitate to attack when a small to medium sized organic being is dumb enough to get between them and their food or encroach on their territory.

They are naturally scared of larger creatures, like the Talokun who can easily drive the away from a food source. 

The call of a scavenger is like the caw of a crow only raspier and more drawn out.


Scavengers will eat the corpses of animals and sentients lost to the harsh conditions of the desert, but they are also equally happy picking at scraps left over from the meals of other desert predators.

If there is food in the area, scavenders from miles around will flock to it.

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