Homeworld:  Kazhin
Average Height:  5'2"
Life Expectancy:  90 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Gibbon


Shyrak Species Sheet.

Physical Appearance

The shyrak resemble anthropomoprhic gibbons with long tails.

Shyrak fur can be golden, black, off-white, russet or any shade of brown.  They may have a ring or white or gold fur around the face.  Shyrak with grey fur simply does not exist with the exception of the elderly.  Elder Shyrak often get silver highlights on their fur...
especially around the face and on the back.

The color of a Shyrak’s skin underneath the fur is always black or dark grey.  Shyrak with pink skin is a rare form of albinism or partial albinism that affects a minute fraction of the Shyrak population.  Pink skinned Shyrak are seen as unattractive and anemic looking among other members of their species. 

Their eyes can be blue, green, brown, orange or gold.

Shyrak and the Alliance

The Shyrak gained space travel and joined the Alliance about 7,500 years ago.  Their rise to being a spacefaring species and being approached by the Alliance went extremely smoothly, especially when their experience is compared to that of several other species whose inclusion in the alliance was very hectic.

As a naturally inquisitive species, early Shyrak were quick to discover the secrets of hyperspace travel.  It only took about 65 years from the time that the Shyraks first traveled to the twin moons of their planet for them to learn the basics of faster than light travel.

After their discover of faster than light travel, envoys from the alliance
approached them and invited them to join.

As a whole, the Shyraks generally get along well with the other species of the Alliance.  They genuinely like to take an active role in the politics of the Alliance learn about other species and cultures.


The Shyrak take great pride in their intelligence and work ethics and are extremely efficient at whatever they put their minds to. 
They put their organizational and problem solving talents to good use serving major business and trade organizations and build up large networks of business contracts.  However, they are not without a sense of humor and can become legendary tricksters and comedians. 

As a general rule, a Shyrak is generally happy as long as he or she is well fed and not being treated like a complete idiot.  It takes quite a bit of abuse to destroy their cheery attitudes.

They also take great joy in most artistic and intellectual pursuits but have a special fondness for music of all kinds.  They have a great sense of hearing that allows them to hear subtle sounds that many of the other species cannot hear, making each recording of even a familiar tune a new experience for a Shyrak.

Sex and Reproduction

Since their appearance resembles a more primitive form of primate, many believe that the Shyrak are sexual deviants with an uncontrollable libido.  However, this couldn't be further from the truth.  The Shyrak are not at alll frivilous when it comes to sex and will only tend to make love to another only if they plan on having a long term relationship with them.

While it is ideal for a Shyrak to mate for life, it doesn't always work out this way and it is not uncommon for a Shyrak to have several serious partners in their lifetime.

A female will give birth to 2-3 children in their lifetime.  They will be extremely protective of their children, carrying them around constantly until the child is a year old.  A shyrak child can walk and talk at about 18 months.


They are omnivorous but have a fondness for sweet things.

Language and Names

Shyreese, the native Shyrak language is simple and economical, meaning that it doesn’t use any more words than what is necessary.  Most of them know
Galactic Common and actually prefer to speak that rather than their own language since it is more
complex and most Shyrak just find it much more easier to express what they are really trying to say when they speak in Galactic Common.

Shyrak names are relatively simple. Each Shyrak has a surname and two given names.  When speaking or writing their entire name, the surname (or family name) comes first.

Zaetheas Shelian Orik, Rosevale Carath Sourin,
Highelis Realis Qari

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