Homeworld:  Hada
Average Height:  6'
Life Expectancy:  100 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  An experamental species created in a lab that combines avian and feline.


Skylion Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

The skylion are a race of anthropomorphic gryphons.  They are tall, walk on three-toed digitigrade legs and have massive wings sprouting out of their backs.  Theiy have the face of an avian.  Always a hawk, eagle, falcon, vulture, kite or corvid.

They have ears.  Acceptable ear shapes include donkey, housecat, lion, lynx or fox.

Acceptable tail shapes are lion, housecat, lynx, snow leopard or fox.

Any color and markings that a big or small cat can have is fair game for a Skylion.  If they have hair or a mane, it can be any color that human hair can be.  White or silver hair is also common among thespecies. Some Skylion like to dye their hair different colors or paint markings on their bodies.  These  cosmetic changes are temporary and fade with time.

Eyes can be brown, blue, green, orange, red, grey or yellow.

They never have loose, flowing clothing or exceptionally long hair, since these things only hinder flight.

Species History

In their early days of space travel, the different Skylion nations were at war with each other over who controlled the mining on the planet’s moons, which eventually ended up destroying Kaldel, one of the moons orbiting Hada (Note: The remains of Kaldel can still be seen in the Hada sky, appearing as a cluster of large asteroids).  Eventually, they stopped fighting with each other and started venturing to neighboring star systems to seek out other sources of minerals where they were found by Alliance
traders.  The Skylion were officially welcomed to the Alliance about 8,000 years ago and have been on good terms with the other species of the Alliance ever since.

The Skylion monarchy and the Imperial Family of Ultimare have been strong allies since the Skylions joined the Alliance.

Their homeworld is the only known source of Soulstone, a very rare, beautiful and expensive
gemstone.  The Skylion see no value to this stone and see its only purpose as being a valuable export  to the other species, so most don't understand the "greedy and foolish aliens" that selfishly try to
acquire this stone.  Especially since illegal exports of this stone has caused fair amount of bloodshed. 
Needless to say, mines and caverns that are known to contain soulstone are very heavily guarded.

Skylion Society

The other species see them as being "space knights", due to their reputation as warriors, their monarchy government and their naturally honorable personality.  They are honest and diligent, upholding their virtues and taking pride in whatever they do.  However, they also have a dry wit and become impatient if someone impedes them or wastes their time which leads others to think they are devoid of all humor and extremely short-tempered.  Those who understand the nature of the Skylions know that this is untrue and find them to be loyal and valiant friends or companions.

The Skylion are among the few monarchy governments left in the Galaxy and are ruled by the Atdarraryn Family.  The family includes King Tairan and Queen Kelia. They have two children, Princess Riho and Prince Serale, who is the male shown in the picture.

Their political and social structure is like that of Feudal Japan, although it is much easier to move among social classes in Skylion culture.

The second highest political class are the Shogun, the great top-army warlords.  The Shogun lead the Skylion armies and heavily influence the political descisions of the culture.

After that are the Daimyo... or ancient noble lords.

Then the warriors and soldiers.

After that are the civilians.

The rank of monks and holy teachers depends on their family's status.

Sex and Reproduction

The skylion pick their mates carefully, since they mate for life.  Premarital sex is looked down apon in Skylion culture, since they are a chivilrous race, most will only mate with their life parter.

Females give birth to live young.  The gestation period is 9 months.


The Skylion are completely omnivorous and like to eat a wide variety of foods, although it is nutritionally impossible for them to be fully vegetarian.

Names and Language

Skylions have a multitude of ancient languages, almost all of them have long faded and been forgotten.  Almost all of them not read and write in Galactic Common. 

Only a few high-ranking noble families can read and write in some of the ancient Skylion languages.

They all have silvery voices that sound light, clear and pleasant. On top of that, they speak with eloquant, honeyed words. 
Most non-Skylions find to be very charming when they speak.

Skylion parents will carefully choose the names of their children for they believe that ones name significantly affects their personal identity and impacts them for the rest of their life. 

Example Names:
Ki’nakra, Rizat, Deah, Yailllhin, Nysen, Ruhon

Rules for Skylion characters

  • Fan characters cannot be of the Royal family or Shogun.  THe highest rank you can create is Daimyo.
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