Homeworld: N/A
Average Height: 8'
Life Expectancy: 1000 Years
Spaceborn ID Name: Jhi'mar'oog
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: n/a


Spaceborn Species Sheet.

The Spaceborn are regarded by the other races as being the oldest and wisest creatures in the galaxy. It is said that the Spaceborn species existed in a more primitive form even as far back as the Ancient's colonization of the Azure Wheel galaxy. They are also credited with inventing hyperspace travel as well as bringing the other races together in the Galactic alliance. This article is about "modern day" Spaceborn. To hear about their warlike past, please read about the Tian Wars.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tall, stocky, and muscular. Spaceborn tower over all the other sentient races of the Azure Wheel universe. They resemble anthropomoprhic goats or wolves, but it is more likely that they evolved from a cervine-like species. They have long torsos and short, digitigrade legs with four toes on each foot. Each toe is capped with a hooflike nail. Brown is the most common fur color for the species, but the brown can range from a pale tan to a dark chocolate brown. Grey furred Spaceborn are uncommon. Black or white furred spaceborn are extremely rare. No matter the color, the spaceborn does not have any sort of pattern on their fur.

Their faces would be goatlike if it wasn't for their arched muzzles and stocky features. They have slit noses, but the fur on the nose is a slightly darker shade then the rest of the body, giving the appearance of a nosepad from afar. Both genders have short horns that begin to grow shaggy fur on the undersides as they age. Eye color can be blue, brown, green, or yellow.

Males have a mane of long blonde hair that lengthens as they age. Hair decorations of any sort, even a ponytail, are seen as a status symbol. Civilians cannot have any sort of hair decorations unless they are of prestigious profession. Government officials, such as Ambassador Naara have intricately braided manes.

Females lack manes, but they show status by decorating their horns and faces with elaborate jewelry. Females also have wider hips and breasts (though breasts aren't seen as being sexual for them).

Both genders traditionally wear loose fitting robes. They cannot stand having clothing below their knee joint so pants always cut off at the knees. Shoes are never worn.

Intelligence and Mental HealthEdit

As previously stated, Spaceborn are regarded as the wisest creatures in the galaxy. They are highly intelligent and make superb inventors and scholars. Most of them look on other races with kindness and compassion and will help other races by sharing inventions with them or being diplomatic to their worlds.

However, there are certain extremist groups of Spaceborn that see all the other races as being "inferior" and will react with hatred and violence towards them. These groups usually hold up inside space stations abandoned by the Alliance where they can be as far away from the other races as they can be.

Sex and ReproductionEdit

While they do take life partners, the Spaceborn more view sex as a means for reproduction. They can and do have sex for pleasure, but it's just not viewed the same way that the other races view it. Having another sexual partner besides a life partner is highly looked down upon and even forbidden in some communities. As a species that is not driven by sex, this usually isn’t a problem.

Spaceborn will give birth to one child at a time. Twins are almost unheard of. Reproduction can only be done between life partners. If you do not have a life partner, then you do not have the right to reproduce. Unpartnered parents are very much looked down apon by their culture. Homosexual life partners do have a right to adopt children.


By nature, the Spaceborn are omniverous and can eat any type of food that humans can, but they require a high amount of protein to keep their energy.

Some Spaceborn make the choice to become vegetarians because they don't like eating the flesh of another creature that has not had a proper burial.


This is going to seem odd for the species that founded the largest
form of Government in the galaxy, but the Spaceborn are the only
species that does not have a form of government amongst

Each colony of Spaceborn spread through the Galaxy just sort
of governs itself or they will integrate themselves into
the government of another species, but they've never had
a systematic government among their own race.

Nobody knows how the Spaceborn have managed to do this
for so long since it seems an impossibilty in the minds of
the other races, but they have.

Spaceborn, The Lifestream, and TechnologyEdit

The Spaceborn are neither spiritually alligned ot technology alligned. They
are one of the few species that walk the thin line between the two. Individual
Spaceborn can be alligned with either, but the species as a whole does not
shift to either extreme.

Language And NamesEdit

The Spaceborn language is very complex and difficult for non Spaceborn to learn.
The words in their language are very long and difficult to pronounce. On top of that, different
words can have the same meaning depending on the context they are used in.

Non-Spaceborn can spend years learning the language without fully understanding
it, which is why all Spaceborn learn Galactic Common as well as other alien languages.
They will speak these other languages when the other races are present, but still prefer to
speak in their own language when they are in the company of other Spaceborn.

Spaceborn names are long, difficult to pronounce, and reflect the Spaceborn Language.

Examples: Che'ack'eyst, Sul'gha'ynt, Raneigh'e, Augh'ine'ayn,
Augh'kel'ayk, Kal'ran'oeq

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