Azure Wheel Wiki

The species status indicates whether or not I allow other people to make personal characters of this species. You are free to draw all the pictures of "canon" characters regardless of species, but I don't allow people to create their own characters "willy-nilly" of all species.

Here's a brief rundown of all the different status'.

  • Open - You are free to play with this species and create your own character of that species. However, these creatures are still attached to my name, so there are a few rules for making characters from my species.
  • Limited - I am allowing people to make characters of this species under certain conditions. Check out the character sheet or any information that I am giving out to find out what those conditions are.
  • Closed For Now - As of this moment, I am not giving permissions to create characters from this species. This may change in the future or I am planning on opening the species up after I release more information about them or establish them more.
  • Forever Closed - I will never allow random people to make characters from this species. That means you! The only people other then myself who are allowed to make characters of this species are friends that know me very well as a person and as an artist. Permission to use this species is a gift that I give to my closest friends.