Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 6'5" (not including horns)
Life Expectancy: 300 years
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: "Dragons" that were genetically created by the human settlers with serpent, reptile and horse DNA

Spirit Dragons are one of the two mamallian dragon species that have inhabited Thera since the ancient times. These and the Terra dragons are the only "true" dragon species in the Azure Wheel universe.

Physical Description

Spirit dragons have long bodies covered with a thick skin that resembles the look and feel of a polished leather. The body of a quadrapedal spirit dragon is almost catlike with the exception of human-like arms, hands and shoulders. A mane of long hair runs from the top of the head to the base of the neck as well as a tuft of hair at the end of the tail. A common mutation among spirit dragons is the mane continuing down the spine to the rump.

The chest of a spirit dragon is usually plain, but the may have a line of chestplates that runs on the underside of the dragon from below the head to the base of the tail.

A spirit dragon's head is soft and horselike. They have a pair of ears as well as a pair of smooth horns. Spirit dragons may have horn mutations that range from multiple horns to more intricately shaped horns, but such mutations are very rare among spirits.

Males may have catfish like whiskers.


Spirit dragons have brightly colored skin with a slight glossy sheen. The underside of their skin is a lighter hue. If the individual dragon has chestplates, it can be any color but a lighter or darker variation of their main body color is the most common.

Spirit dragons can have striped, spotted or mottled markings that are a darker variation of their main body color or a color that compliments well with the main body color.

Manes can be any natural hair color.

The colorization of an individual dragon depends solely on genetics. A spirit dragon MUST have similar coloring to either a parent or grandparent.

Common Colors

  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Green

Uncommon Colors

  • Gold
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple

Rare Colors

  • Black
  • White

Intelligence and Mental Health

Spirit dragons are regarded as being the wisest of the Theran species.

They are calm and calculated and have a natural affinity towards magik. They make great mages, healers and scholars. They are phycically weak compared to the other two quadrapedal Theran species, so they make lousy fighters.

Sex and Reproduction

Spirit dragons choose lifemates and will be fiercely loyal to their lifemate and will only choose another if their lifemate dies.

Spirit dragons may reproduce during any time of the year, but they tend to have children during the autumn months. They give birth to live young like mammals but do not nurse. They will feed their newborns soft fruits that have been mashed up like baby food.

Baby spirit dragons mature at a rapid rate consdering the lifespan of the species. They can walk and speak within a year, but cannot fly until they are around 15 years old.

The genitals on both genders of quadrapedal spirit dragons are internal.


Spirit dragons are omniverous. They enjoy meat, but prefer to eat sweet fruits.


All spirit dragons have mild telekenesis ability. For most spirit dragons, this ability is limited to lifting their own bodies in flight. In very rare cases, a spirit dragon may be able to manipulate other objects with their telekenesis.

Bipedal Spirit Dragons

Qualities of bipedal Spirit Dragons include:

  • Three toed feet like most other Therans.
  • Five-fingered human-like hands.
  • Human-like genetalia.
  • Long tails.
  • Wingless... unless they are a hybrid between spirit and terra dragon.
  • Can also fly with telekenesis
  • Same head style as quads.
  • Long tails.

Spirit Dragon Names

The traditional names of spirit dragons are based on clipped words in archaeic Theran and are known to be remarkably long.


  • Adsamden
  • Kaltaneng
  • Ackdelale
  • Lerranaugh
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