Homeworld: Syvor
Average Height: 5'5"
Life Expectancy: 120 Years
Species Status: Open
Earth Species Evolved From: Chuckwalla

Syvorian - Species Sheet

The native sentients of planet Syvor. These desert lizards are well suited for the hostile environment of their homeworld.

Physical Appearance

Syvorians appear to be a race of bipedal lizardmen. Their heads are completely lizard-like and their bodies are covered in reptillian scales. They have digitigrade legs and four toed feet that splay outwards.

Females lack breasts, but have slender heads that taper to the end of the muzzle as opposed to the more box-like heads of the males.

Syvorian skin is always brown in color, but this can range from a light tan color to a dark rust brown and everything in between. They may have stripe or spot markings on the upper arms and back. These markings are always a slightly darker version of the main body color.

Syvorian eyes are orange, yellow, red or brown.

Their clothing usually consists of loose robes in lighter colors. You will never see Syvorians wearing dark colors. Especially black.

Syvorian Society

Syvorians are serious-minded creatures who don't care much for mindless 'chit-chat'. This makes many non-syvorians believe that they are cold and uncaring. However, if one is lucky enough to befriend a Syvorian, they have a loyal friend for life.

The Syvorian's status as merchants and traders is near legendary, though they make excellent miners and pirates. Most of them try to run an honest business, but there are some Syvorians that have seedier business practices.

Syvorians live in small cities that resemble Mos Eisley from the Star Wars universe. These cities always have huge bazaars and have massive spaceports for trading with offworlders. Syvorians are highly adaptable, so those who live on other planets can easily adapt to both culture and climates.

Sex And Reproduction

Syvorians mate for life and are fiercely loyal to their lifemates. Even after death, it is highly unlikely that a Syvorian will choose another mate.

Females lay one egg at a time. Syvorian eggs are a rich brown hue with golden swirls that appear when the light hits it. The eggs require constant heat to hatch and are meticulously cared for by both genders. Syvorian mothers are very protective of their children, much more then even human mothers.


As denizens of the desert, Syvorians have adapted to eat pretty much any animal or plant matter. Since in times of famine, they are known to be scavengers, Syvorians have very strong stomachs. They rarely get sick from what they eat.

The Syvorian's favorite food is the Nothan, a desert tuber that is full of moisture.

Names and Language

The Syvorian language sounds mostly Arabic with Polynesian and Swahili syllables mixed in. Syvorians speak with a thick accent akin to that of the Khajiit from the Elder Scrolls games.

Examples of Syvorian Names: Mwajah, Khudayal, Naif, Nevonij

Rules for Syvorian Characters

  • Naturally colored Syvorians only! I don't want to see any sparkle-Syvorians running around!
  • For inspiration, look to Arabic cultures.
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